The Replacements

Season 1 Episode 2

CinderRiley / Skate-Gate

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Sep 08, 2006 on Disney Channel
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CinderRiley / Skate-Gate
CinderRiley: It's getting close to the time for the annual school dance and Riley doesn't have a date. The one boy that she would like to ask her though is Johnny, a member of her baseball team, but she just can't seem to get him to notice her. Being her first school dance, and wanting to impress Johnny, Riley tries to convince her dad to let her get a complete makeover, but when he decides to take her to One-Cut Wally, she gives Fleemco a call to replace Wally with a high-class professional hairstylist.

Skate-Gate: When the Pleasant Hills mayor starts to make rules that take away Todd's chances to skateboard however he wants, and even tears down the skate park, Todd decides to call Fleemco to replace the old mayor with a professional skater. But when the new mayor starts forcing everyone to skateboard and carries the skateboarding thing too far for even Todd, he tries to find a way to put everything back together again.moreless

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  • a great episode

    cinder-rilly was good and skate gate was also good in skate gate todd replaces the town mayor with someone that redesigned the town to be skateboarding only and the only rule that remains is that no rocket powered bathtubs (and that upsets there dad) mean while todd knows that its better to have something your thing and not everyones thing so then he gets his dad to win something and be the mayor and in cinder-rilly they replace the person at a hair cut place with someone that can give rilly a good makeover but then the cool girls trash her look but then when a boy she likes goes with her being normal then she learns that its better to be yourselfmoreless
  • Not my favorite, but it has its moments

    David McCallum only had two lines in this one. It didn't like this one so much, therefore, but it did have its perks. I liked when K was chasing Dick Daring because she didn't recognize him with his new hairstyle. I wish we could've seen more of the smackdown, but that was so funny.
  • I love this episode!!!

    I love all the episodes of THE REPLACEMENTS!! I thought Agent K's name was June,but her name is Agent Kate?! COOL!!!

    How did you know that guys?! Anyway,I have watched every

    episode of The Replacements,The CInder-Riley epsiode is on tommorrow at 9:00 am on ABC 7.I'm gonna watch the 2 new episodes whenever they premiere that is.I love Agent K cause she is a DRAMATIC BUTT KICKIN' GIRL!!! She is like me.And I'm like her.If no one likes this show,they are dumb.I'm 16 and I love it.I'm gonna go watch it on Disney Channel right now!!!!!! That's my review,thanks again.Goodbye.Thanks,I'm all

  • I watched this episode, only because I was bored out of my mind!!

    Cinder-Raily was not that interesting. It was almost a mocharey of Cinderella!!! Riley replaces her family hair dresser, because he's can't do much! Then he gets replaced by a professional hairdresser. She was tring to get this guy at school to notice her! At the dance, all the guys were all over her, and then the popular girls tied to ruin her. They get her all wet and make her look horrible! But then guy said that he like that she wasn't like all the rest of the girls at their school. Meanwhile Todd gets a new hair do that makes him look like a pop star. The Dad gets a new hair do that makes him look like the mom's rivil, so she tries to get him.

    Skate-Gate was even worse!! Todd gets mad because the mayor made new rules for skate boreding. He gets mad and replaces him with a professional skater. Everything seems to be running smooth until he starts to insult his dad, then he made a deal to skate againist hs dad. They win, and bring everything back to normal.moreless
J. P. Manoux

J. P. Manoux


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Rob Paulsen

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Matthew Lillard

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Tara Strong

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    • Mayor Bodie: Is that a bath tub? You can't use that, it's against the rules!
      Dick Daring: Rules? I play by my own rules.

    • Buzz: (To Riley) I can't believe I liked you. You were a lot prettier when you were dry.

    • Buzz: I've never felt this way about a girl before. I'd punch a thousand cupids just to see you smile.
      Riley: Uh, thanks. But if you really liked me, you'd prove it by standing over there.

    • Ace Palmero: Mayor Bodie has repealed every law passed by the former mayor. (Dick Daring Runs Out of Room) Except the one forbidding rocket powered bath tubs. (Dick Daring Returns With His Rocket Powered Bath Tub, Then Heads Back Out of the Room) Because that would be stupid.

    • Riley: (After Getting Sugar-High) Hey guys, and by guys I mean you two. This water is great. Really sweet. Wanna go make a barn? (Goes and Builds a Barn) No, lets go mountain biking. Hey look, a chipmunk! Bet I can catch it. (Chases Chipmunk)

    • Dick Daring: What do you mean I can't park my rocket powered bath tub here?
      School Guard: Tell that to the mayor, Mr. Daring

    • Todd: Ladies and gentlemen. Marvel as I, Todd Daring, run down this rail, over the fountain, and kick-flip over the stairs as I catch a priceless vase, which my good friend Akobo will be throwing into the air!
      Akobo: Dude, who are you talking to? I'm the only one here!

    • Dick Daring: (To Riley After Her Makeover) Honey, you look beautiful!
      Todd: Whoa! What have you done with my sister?!

    • Hair Dresser: (To His Assistant) Scissors. Shears. Crepe. Thank you, I really needed that. Number three comb. I said number three! Do you want to lose this girl?!

    • Riley: Sir, tonight is my very first dance and there's this boy I really want to impress.
      Hair Dresser: Say no more, I know how important that can be. Maggie! Cancel all of my appointments, we are giving this girl a full makeover!

    • Todd: Wow, I look like teen dance sensation slash all around dream boat Kyle Preston!
      Hair Dresser: No, no, no. He looks like you!

    • Todd: Come on Akobo, let's go upstairs and hit stuff with your cast

    • Agent K: So, it's a high ranking government official you wish to take down? First you need to get an alliance with his adversaries. Then let them know in a-
      Todd: Thanks, Mom, but I think I'm just gonna go talk to him.
      Agent K: Oh, I suppose that's an option as well.

    • Mayor Bodie: How'd you get in here, little dude?
      Todd: It wasn't hard. The security guard was just some skater passed out in a pile of taco wrappers.
      Mayor Bodie: Oh... so he's the one who's been bogarting all the tacos. (Calling Out) Not cool, Waldo!

    • Johnny: Riley, you're like the coolest girl I know. All those other girls care about is dressing up and looking good, but I'd much rather dance with you than some pretty girl.
      Riley: Um...thank you?

    • Riley: Well, the school dance is tomorrow and I really want to make a good impression.
      Dick Daring: That shouldn't be a problem considering your mother and I already signed up to be chaperones! And if there's ever a lull in the party, I'll wow everybody with my new hobby. Racoon juggling! I'm already up to three racoons!

    • Riley: Hey dad. Where's mom?
      Dick Daring: I think she said something about a super-secret spy mission to the secluded mountain of Dr. Scorpious to recover the Ricobi Diamond. Either that... Or she went to the mall. I forget.

    • Riley: Which dances are "in" these days? The Running Man? The Mashed Potato? The Hokey Pokey?
      Shelton: Make it stop! (Accordian Music Stops and His Glasses Break) That's better!

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