The Replacements

Disney Channel (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Irreplaceable
      Episode 31
      After Agent K and Dick Daring go missing, Todd and Riley go looking for them with the help of Sheldon, Hacobo, and Tasumi. They soon learn that Doctor Scorpius kidnapped their parents and took over Fleemco!
    • 3/30/09
      Riley uses a robot to take her place while she goes to a Dustin Dreamlake concert.
    • Todd-Busters
      Episode 29
      After experiencing his most embarrassing moment at a school basketball game, Todd uses his mom's invisibility hat to get his revenge. Riley runs the school's fall carnival. Dick and K sabotage each other's New Year's resolutions.
    • Truth or Daring
      Episode 28
      Todd feeds Riley truth salt to show her that honesty is not always the best policy but ends up putting Dick's re-election campaign in jeopardy. Todd himself eats lie spice to think up a better excuse for not having done his homework. However, Todd's constant lying results in him getting drafted into the Army because he is not able to tell the truth thanks to the overdose.moreless
    • Injustice is Blind
      Episode 27
      While Todd confronts a blind bully, Riley confronts the author of her favorite book series for not ending it the way she wanted it to end.
    • Sheldon's Bar Mitzvah: Shelton's parents plan an elaborate Bar Mitzvah for him, but he feels left out of the process. Crushing Riley: Riley reluctantly tutors a school bully, who then develops a crush on her.
    • Art Attack
      Episode 25
      Todd and Riley enroll in an art class, but Riley soon becomes jealous when Todd becomes a favorite in the art community.
    • 2/2/09
      Riley instantly dislikes a new kid in town, but she soon develops a crush on him. Meanwhile, Tood considers himself too cool to play a nerdy game with Jacobo.
    • Moustache Mayhem
      Episode 23
      Everyone thinks Todd is an adult when one of K's gadgets makes him grow a mustache. Meanwhile, Prince Cinnamon Boots falls in love with Buzz's pet mule, much to the chagrin of feuding Riley and Buzz.
    • Double Trouble: Riley attempts to find a date to make Johnny jealous at an awards banquet. Dick and Todd try to market a solar-powered tanning booth. The Revenge of Prince Cinnamon Boots: PCB locks the family out of the house after they forget to take him on a family trip.
    • A Buzzwork Orange
      Episode 21
      Todd accidentally sends Buzz to reform school. When a changed Buzz returns to help Riley with an one-man show, suspicious Todd gets help from Gilbert Gottfried to get the old Buzz back.
    • The Darings host their annual holiday show directed by Riley with Ed Begley Jr., Carson Palmer, and Josh Duhamel. Meanwhile, Todd tries to make some money with his own telethon.

    • Puzzle Me Daring
      Episode 19
      Todd tries to help his mom solve a case that involves riddles left by a crook. Riley discovers that she can make boys do what she wants by acting like someone else.
    • 11/10/08
      Johnny ditches his three-month anniversary with Riley to meet Tim Gunn when he goes to New York for a modeling job.
    • You Got Schooled
      Episode 17
      Dick must take sixth grade history with Todd in order to renew his stuntman's license. Meanwhile, Riley and Johnny must take on a band of bullies at the skatking rink.
    • Extra Credit
      Episode 16
      Riley needs money quickly when she runs up the charges on K's credit card. Meanwhile, Todd sees another chance for profit when he runs into a guy who sells term papers.
    • 9/29/08
      Todd starts selling replacements to his classmates.
    • Tasumi Unmasked
      Episode 14
      Tasumi creates a secret identity to escape from her stardom in Japan. Meanwhile, Todd is confronted by a street performer over his one-man-band show.
    • Canadian Fakin'
      Episode 13
      Riley goes to Canada as part of a foregin exchange program while the Darings host a Canadaian boy who makes Todd so jealous that he runs away from home.
    • 8/11/08
      A Little Tiff: When Todd finds out Tiffany has a crush on him, he's not interested until he realizes the benefits of a rich girlfriend.

      Bowled Over: When Abbey refuses Riley's help in a beauty pageant, Riley decides to enter herself.
    • Glee by the Sea
      Episode 11
      The Darings go on vacation at a beach where Todd falls for an older girl, and Riley waits for Johnny Hitswell to call.
    • Hollywoodn't
      Episode 10
      The Darings go to Hollywood where Todd lands a part in a movie, Dick befriends a stuntman, and Agent K meets Josh Duhamel.
    • 6/23/08
      Garage Sale: Riley scrambles to get rid of her childish things before Johnny arrives for a study-date. Private Todd: Todd gets sick of his mom giving him no space and so ends up with a spy proof room.
    • 6/9/08
      Buzz uses Riley's phone to create replacements all over town. Meanwhile Todd is saddened when his favorite comedy team breaks up.
    • 5/25/08
      Todd goes to summer camp with Riley as his camp counselor.
    • The Rizzle
      Episode 6
      Riley befriends an older girl on the wild side. Meanwhile, Todd realizes that he may need glasses.
    • Volcano Island
      Episode 5
      The Darings compete in a reality show along with the Winters and the Klutzberrys. With Buzz keeps cheating at the challenges, Todd calls Fleemco to replace the host with someone who will stop Buzz from cheating.
    • 4/14/08
      Riley gets a job at a drive-in theater to earn money for a camcorder.
    • 3/31/08
      The Darings test-drive the Fleemco space shuttle into space.
    • 3/17/08
      Riley doesn't get invited to Sierra's slumber party. Todd shows a scary movie at his slumber party.
    • 3/10/08
      A motivational speaker helps Riley understand that her career is not set in stone; Todd wants to become a clown.
  • Season 1