The Replacements

Season 1 Episode 8

Halloween Spirits

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 14, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Todd and Dick Daring start to decorate the house. Then Buzz and his father come and introduce the "Scariest Side of the Neighborhood" Award. This causes Todd and Dick to make an extra effort to make there house scary. Meanwhile, Riley and her friends are picking Halloween costumes. When Riley finds the right person to be, she goes to Dick to get help. She notices Todd's enthusiaism to get the perfect spooky house. After finding out what he was up to, riley's friend states that it is impossible to win the award because of their neighbors. They never leave there house, never decorate for any holidays, and don't give candy. Knowing this, Todd and Riley try to replace them with very spooky people. Then two new neighbors move into the new house. The first visit to the new neighbors didn't seem odd. However, on the second visit, they notice the strange behavior of the neighbors. They see the man coming out of nowehere right in front of them and the woman walk through a wall. They run to their parents looking for help. Dick tries to prove that they were just freaking out and goes with them to the house. The man comes but not in the sunlight. Jokingly admitting to being a vampire, Dick passes it off; however, the man hisses at Todd and Riley as they look back. So Todd, Riley, and their friends go to try and stop them, until their friends all disappear. They go to their parents only to find them to be zombies. They run to C.A.R. who shows them a "how-to" video on vanquishing vampires and witches. Using the knowledge, they go back to try and stop them. They almost get in thef front door but Buzz comes to give Tood the "Scariest Side of the Neighborhood" Award where they fall into the dungeon/basement. There that run to tip the witches cauldron, the way to deactivate a witches spell. They almost make it but get caught. They try to trick Buzz into tipping the cauldron and does it by trying not to. Seeing that it didn't work, they get scared for their life where they find out that it was all a great Halloween prank pulled by the original neighbors, the new neighbors, their friends, and their parents. They then find out that the reason the original neighbors didn't decorate was because they were busy being ice cream tasters and video game testers. They go back to have a great big halloween party at Todd and Riley's house.