The Replacements

Season 1 Episode 8

Halloween Spirits

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 14, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Finally got to watch it, and it did not disappoint

    It's been a long time since I've seen a season 1 episode, and it clearly helps appreciate the change for season 2. Tasumi, who we know currently in the series is not who she says she is, changes her armor color to blue to go trick-or-treating as her "brother." Dick tries to make mummies by wrapping all the lawn ornaments in toilet paper. C.A.R. makes even more bitingly sarcastic remarks. Todd and Riley try to have their neighbors replaced (just the one house, not the whole neighborhood as I previously thought) because they never decorate or give out candy for Halloween, and Buzz's side of the street always wins the decoration contest. But what I don't understand is why knocking over the cauldron, which ended up doing nothing, earned Buzz the trophy back. In the end it was all a big production put on by Conrad and two special effects experts in conjunction with the neighbors. The funniest part was Tasumi's costume creaking frrom rust, which wouldn't have happened if Riley hadn't drooled a flood while obsessing over candy. And of course I loved the end where C.A.R. wasn't in on the whole plan and barricaded himself in the garage with all his weapons drawn. "It's a party - join us!" "Never!!" :P
  • COOL and scary episode

    I loved this the first I saw it.It had Agent K doing something about "Honesty".That was cool 2.
    It was the best when she held her coffee cup up and told
    about the ZUPEXS.It was scary when she was all like A ZOMBY.
    I SCREAMED.IT WAS CREEPY.I HAD A NIGHTMARE ABOUT IT.It was cool also.I couln't believe that CAR doesn't believe in vampiers or witches or ghosts or zombies.What is he,crazy?
    Yeah. Agent K was the best at the end,it's shown her as a zomby with Riley and Todd screaming.Why was Riley dresses as
    Agent K?! I will watch this every halloween.It was freaky
    when she was dancing to that TECHNO song.I know that was weird.Anyway,that is my review on this episode.
  • Very cool show I love it!!!

    I love this show!! I also did not know that Agent K's first name was did the others know that? I love all the episodes.I never got to see the Cinder-Riley one at all.I like the one where Agent K was a baseball coach,that was a bit freaky.But so cool!!!! I also liked the one where she blasted that ground too cool!!! It was also funny where she was starting up the car,but it back-fired! she is a super kool spy girl! she is a cool spy.I wanna be her partner one day,if I was on the show that is.
  • halloween episode

    This is the best episode in the series!Todd and dick daring are trying to win the trophie for the best decorated street for halloween, but there neighbors aren't decorating so they're afraid they're going to lose so they replace them with two other neighbors who are a vampire and a witch.the new neighbors are trying to bring them to the "basement" but they figure out that that it's just a they call fleemco and ask for there old neighbors back, but they refuse to go back and the new neighbors turn all there friends,but then they get really scared and everybody told them that it was just a prank and the old neighbors are going to move back.todd gets mad he replaced them when he figures out the mom was an ice - cream taste tester and the dad was a video game tester.this is a great episode!