The Replacements

Season 1 Episode 8

Halloween Spirits

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 14, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • halloween episode

    This is the best episode in the series!Todd and dick daring are trying to win the trophie for the best decorated street for halloween, but there neighbors aren't decorating so they're afraid they're going to lose so they replace them with two other neighbors who are a vampire and a witch.the new neighbors are trying to bring them to the "basement" but they figure out that that it's just a they call fleemco and ask for there old neighbors back, but they refuse to go back and the new neighbors turn all there friends,but then they get really scared and everybody told them that it was just a prank and the old neighbors are going to move back.todd gets mad he replaced them when he figures out the mom was an ice - cream taste tester and the dad was a video game tester.this is a great episode!
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