The Replacements

Season 1 Episode 8

Halloween Spirits

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 14, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • COOL and scary episode

    I loved this the first I saw it.It had Agent K doing something about "Honesty".That was cool 2.
    It was the best when she held her coffee cup up and told
    about the ZUPEXS.It was scary when she was all like A ZOMBY.
    I SCREAMED.IT WAS CREEPY.I HAD A NIGHTMARE ABOUT IT.It was cool also.I couln't believe that CAR doesn't believe in vampiers or witches or ghosts or zombies.What is he,crazy?
    Yeah. Agent K was the best at the end,it's shown her as a zomby with Riley and Todd screaming.Why was Riley dresses as
    Agent K?! I will watch this every halloween.It was freaky
    when she was dancing to that TECHNO song.I know that was weird.Anyway,that is my review on this episode.