The Replacements

Season 2 Episode 31


Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 30, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Nice end to the series (if it's the end).

    This episode of the Replacements was honestly epic. Todd and Rily is caught in the middle of a treacherous scheme made by Dr. Scorpius. Along the way, they meet up with their friends and a new cat version of C.A.R. There were epic fights and some nice humor, but however, I find the number of plot twists too overwhelming, and they're unleashed too quickly. For example, Mr. Fleem is revealed to be part of the Daring family, but in a non-dramatic way. However, I loved how they included all of the minor characters in a subtle way. By the looks of things, it looks like this is the end of the series, which I hope it isn't. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this review.
  • Should've been longer

    It was a fast-paced series finale. Todd and Riley come home one day to find their parents replaced. They soon discover Evel Bearnevel and then PCB digs up a crushed CAR, meaning that K and Dick didn't just leave, they were kidnapped. Hacobo and Tasumi are suddenly an item for some reason, and somehow Shelton got stowed away in the golf bag. CAR's new bodies - a modified rocket car and Robo-Cat, respectively - were funny as he had to put up with them. Dr. Scorpius sends brainwashed Replacements employees to attack the kids by sending them directly through the phone and manages to kidnap Riley and Todd the same way even though CAR told them not to answer their phones. Tasumi dons her armor and they battle their way through Fleemco HQ where Dick is among the brainwashed employees, but Hacobo breaks the mind-control goggles with his high note. Todd sends all the bad guys back through the phone into a frozen wasteland. Todd figures out Conrad's identity is their uncle and Conrad's true hair color is the same as theirs. He didn't know how to be a parent, so he set up the whole Replacements program as a service to them so that they would be taken care of and learn life lessons through their experiences. I would've preferred an hour-long episode complete with backstory, but who am I kidding? In the end, Todd and Riley become involved in the family business of selling replacements to kids (with Conrad's permission this time unlike the episode where Todd did it on his own). Dick saves CAR and restores CAR's old body. CAR is so grateful that he says he'll let Dick drive him, but he's only joking. Robo-Cat CAR was cute though.