The Replacements

Season 2 Episode 8

Phone-less in Pleasant Hills

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jun 09, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Great Episode! This episode explains why losing things can be a bad thing?

    SO HILARIOUS! Overall, this Replacements episode was another great episode to the 2nd season. Imagine that you have lost something valuable to you and now someone is taking over what you posses? Well that's what Riley had to face in this episode. And worst of all, it's her Fleemco phone that was gone (That pretty much explains the title of the episode)! And it was handed over to Buzz!!! OMG! What to do now? I'll help you RILEY!!! Throughout this episode, there were so many funny parts in this episode that I can't stop laughing about. Wow! Hakobo raps? lol. Better off in opera, poser! And it seems that only Todd likes the radio show hosts, because he was the only fan there! Lonely Todd! lol. Yeah this episode is a keepsake for me.

    I really like how the plot was. That sooner or later, someone would actually take their Fleemco phones. But I didn't know that person would be Buzz. And he does whatever Todd and Riley does thanks to her phones. It makes you wonder how a phone like that would help you in life. And it kind of answers a lot of questions now thanks to this episode. Poor Riley had to look all over for her cell phone or else, NO MORE JOHNNY, RILEY! Even worst, she had a date with him but because she continues to forget things, Buzz replaced her spot. OMG!

    Overall, this episode is a great episode to watch. 5 star and 9.6 out of 10. Yes it is that good. Riley, don't forget things.
  • It's a danger all cell phone users must face

    This is why you have to be more careful of where you put your stuff. Riley, you idiot, get your head on straight and stop swooning over your boyfriend! Pay attention to what you're doing! Although I must wonder if it was worth risking embarrassment for Buzz to be seen carrying around a pink phone, but oh well. And why did he steal her ticket at the end and go out with Johnny? That was just weird, but no weirder than the random raccoon stealing Todd's Mr. Wiggles. Or C.A.R. being even more obsessed with J.J. Baker than he was with Dustin Dreamlake and having a lust for hybrids as if they were Playboy Bunnies.
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