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  • I'm Sorry about how I treated this show

    I've tried to be nice about this for 6 years but nobody ever listens and lots of people have negative reviews and ratings. Pleas no more of them! D:
  • Yes it was a pretty poor show but I liked the stuff with Tasumi

    As bad is this show was; at least it isn't as bad as Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Teen Titans Go!, or Uncle Grandpa.
  • Awesome show!

    This show was actually like the funniest show I've ever watched on TV. It was hilarious! It's too bad it got cancelled so fast.
  • Well....

    I lost interest in it fast, it was somewhat funny, then I just moved on from it. Strangely reminds me of Phineas and Ferb.
  • Better Than The Horrible Football Movie, But Still Bad

    The plot is dumb, the episodes aren't really interesting, and the animation- MY GOD. I'd recommend this show if you were an avid Disney Channel fan and liked every single show they have ever put out. Other than that, not much will find enjoyment out of it, and will clearly enjoy The Buzz On Maggie and Kim Possible better.
  • The perfect example of a good premise gone horribly wrong

    The Replacements was a show by Disney that actually managed to suck you in to see this show. There was always a commercial about it and many promotions about it and the premise sounded promising. The show's premise was about two young orphan siblings named Riley and Todd who find an ad for a place called Fleemco, and they mail it in to get two new parents and cell phones. The phones are used to call Fleemco to replace adults who are despicable and get adults who make their lives easier. The premise was actually pretty good, it made people think what would happen if you could replace a certain person to make life easier, but the way it's executed is very poor. The show always, and I mean always, used the same thing again and again. An evil adult was making Todd's and Riley's lives bad, so they call Fleemco to replace the adult with a good one, but at the end the new adult goes insane and the old one comes back and the kids learn a moral lesson. That's it, that's the whole show for you, nothing else, there is rarely an episode that doesn't focus on replacing an adult, it happens once in a blue moon. The artwork and animation is pretty good and flows nicely. The characters can range from annoying to dreadfully boring and uninteresting. The only good characters in this show were Dirk the Daredevil Dad and the Car, they actually made me laugh and provided good humor. Why couldn't the show be about them instead of everyone else? Everyone else has no real humor at all and they say horrible puns that make you do a face palm. Overall, this show could have been a classic, but sadly it fails due to boring and annoying characters, repetitive stories, and bad humor. The only reason you should watch this show is to see Dirk and Car provide comedy. Disney, go back to doing what you did best, and make actual good cartoons, not this, and way to drop the ball on this show.
  • Good thing it ended.

    Somewhat terrible, but bearable.

    Plot: Todd, Riley, are siblings in an orphanage. They saw an ad from a comicbook, or a magazine, a cell phone that can be used to call an replacement. They replaced their parents and anyone they dislike. (Somewhat spoiled, isn't it?)

    Characters: Their personalities are mostly in wrong position. Voice actings are mostly unfitting. Riley and Todd are spoiled brats.

    Humor: Nothing, except being silly to the full point. Like they have an IQ of a monkey. That's not that funny.

    Art: Fair, like a typical cartoon would do. Animation is also fair.

    Overall: 2. I just don't like the plot and the characters, and also the humor. It only shows some annoyance from their bad attitudes and traits.
  • I love this show and it must be brought back.

    This is one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel and I'm very unhappy with DC for stop airing it. The second season is a big improvement with the characters. Riley Daring is so hysterical (it make me wonder what Johnny Hitswell sees in her). Agent K is so cool and Dick, her husband, is such an idiot. I love Tasumi. She is such a cutie pie without that armor. Jacobo is so weird and annoying. My least favorite character is Sierra "skankerrella" McCool. What bother me is that last episode "The Irreplaceable" got messed up before the show's cancellation. Yep. I'm gonna miss that show.
  • OMG the Animation along with the Graphics for this are sooo Cheesey...

    Not one of my favorite shows, to me this show's animation doesn't look like it came out right. Kinda something i rarely watch too, i mean this show is also kinda boring, its the same plot for every episode, the kids try to replace a certain Adult with someone they think is more "cool." can't they just try NOT to replace someone and live through life with regular Adults the way its supposed to be? Of course that would probably interfere with the Storyline so... i guess this just isn't that great of a show, not the best one to be made for sure, i'm glad they only show it at sometime of Night where a lot of people are probably asleep. And for those that like this show then i suppose this show isn't that bad, its not the worst show out there either. It's okay. good day everybody.
  • Some please replace this crap feast! I trust me, I watched this show and what a bad idea that was. I'm not kidding!!

    Quick review

    Art 10/10 - Pretty basic

    Music 3.5/10 Completly uninspiring and stupid!

    Character 0.0/10 - Not good, stupid, plain retarded and Why do Todd and reilly pick on Sheldon?!(poor Sheldon; hot nerd)

    Plot 4.5/10 - Pointless and binal.

    Animation 5.5/10 - I'll be fair, this could've been cool. But it gets old really quick within episodes and it's a bad animation pariody of flapjack(Which the show is amazing; 7.5) and SpongeBob(6.9/10).

    Storyline 6.5/10 - Two kids were poor and got two replacement cell phones from flamco. And.....pretty much everything else was illrelative.

    Overall 1.0/10 - Don't watch this show, okay. If you do, you will make a mistake like I did when I was 11 years-old. Watch Flapjack, Spongebob, or even buzz on maggie(which I love, despite short episodes)! I am not here to stop you, this is just my review on what watched. The show sucks balls. Could family replaced the replacement with buzz on maggie, instead?!
  • My opinion of The Replacements is concealed in this review. Press "Continue" to find out what I think.

    (Sarcasm alert...)

    This show is way too fast. I mean, my warped mind can't even catch any of the jokes. People these days don't want a lot of humor packed into a few minutes. What they want is one joke a minute so that they can actually laugh at something. Do the creators of this show understand that?

    Secondly, this show is way too clever. People don't want smart or witty or satirical. I mean, who in their right mind likes satire anymore? What we people want is some nice gross-out humor, pop culture references without thoughtful satire, people tumbling over things, people hurting themselves, and a whole lot of comprehendible jokes.

    The characters are just horrible. I mean, they're not hip and cool and trendy, and they're all a bunch of losers. On top of that, they don't always do the right thing. What we want is a bunch of characters who are perfect in everyway and another bunch of characters who are completely evil and never do anything good. We don't want balanced characters who do things that are both right and wrong. We want characters who either do right all the time or always do wrong all the time.

    The animation is horrendous. I mean, it doesn't even conform to everything else today. Sure it's unique and innovative, but that doesn't mean it's good. The colors hurt my eyes. There's way too many of them. It's too bright and happy.

    And what is with the plots and premise behind the show? Kids replacing people with replacements? That's horrible. It doesn't make sense. It adds too much variety to the show by bringing in different characters every week, and at the same time it doesn't add variety to the show because it has the same basic forumla that adds too much of a challenge for the writers to make unique plots and situations around that. Totally ignore the fact that the replacements are temporary. Ignore the fact that it's a cartoon, and everything goes back to normal in the end.

    Finally, I'd like to talk about the voice actors. There's too many of them from fantastic shows. We don't want classic veterans like Kath Soucie and Nancy Cartwright and Frank Welker and all those other greats. Just because they were fantastic in so many other cartoons doesn't mean we want them!

    (By the way, if you're confused, I love this show! It's one of my absolute faves. I chose to go with a different approach in my review, and recite the opinions, words, and subconscious thoughts of the haters of this show. I decided to use sarcasm. Take that, Replacements haters!)
  • Boooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    Oh boy,do I enjoy reviewing bad shows!Yes,I ask myself,what has become of cartoons today??!I mean,cartoons are so much easier to make these days,and yet,they are becoming worse and worse.And this one is no exeption either.Its about two butt ugly syblings who have resources to replace every single person for someone they think is more "cool".Ok,that didnt make any scence.And they "ordered" new parents,a stunt man named Dick Daring(I dont think his name is appropriate for young children) and female secret agent for a mom.And basicly every episode they replace someone(teacher,politician,just about everyone) with someone more cool,and it ends up in disaster so they get the old persone back.So the point of this show is????Yeah,ive noticed few more things I find annoying.Riley(the girl) has two friends,and african american girl and a japanese girl.And the japanese girl is such a bad stereotype it hurts.Yeah,they are always portraited to have lots of gadgets,but this girl wares a robot suit,for craying out loud!And Riley and Todd are compleatly unlikable and annoying,dad is an idiot and mom is less annoying,but still doesnt provide any humor.And yeah,the humor stinks,the animation stinks(i think its the same people who made My Gym Partner Is A Monkey)And really,there is no reason to wach this show.What happend to Disney Channel???Bring back Mickey Mouse and the gang,and burn this steaming pile of crap.Do something usefull with your spare time instead of waching this poor exuce of a show
  • This show really gets a hard rep!!!

    OK I'll get this out of the way,People this shows not that bad!!!

    There are a lot of other cartoons out there that get a lot better ratings the this show that I think are worse then this one-I'm not naming any of them.
    I'll admit that it's not brilliant or dear I say groundbreaking,But it was some dumb charm to it and that's one of the things that some shows have a hard time getting.
    I can't really say that most of the episodes are original and some of the jokes are over used in other-and in the show it self-cartoons.
    I love it how Todd has this gelableness,that gets him in so much trouble.
    I also have to admit that there a lot of stereotypes in the show,but I don't think that's a crime in the world of children's television. Anyway,that's the end to my review,if you read this please vote.
  • It was good at first...then it went downhill

    The Replacements was a repetitive yet entertaining cartoon that I enjoyed; or that was season 1. During the second season it went downhill and turned into a nearly completely different show.

    The story is about two siblings named Todd and Riley. Their birth parents appearently died so they use a comic book ad to get new parents - a daredevil dad and a Britisch spy for a mom. Todd and Riley also have the power to use their phones and call a man named Mr. Fleem to replace any adult in their life with a different one. And it usually doesn't work out. The storyline changes in season 2, though. Now the phones to call Fleemco are barely used and Todd and Riley have adventures in their town that have nothing to do with Fleemco, or it has a small role. Now to those who don't like when a show gets repetitive probably don't mind this, but I don't mind repetitveness so I do.

    The characters in this show are very interesting at first, but in season 2 their acts can get pretty old, except for Tasumi (not gonna spoil anything).

    The animation was alright in season 1. The artwork was nice and sharp and I had never seen it before. And just like many American cartoons, the characters have four fingers.

    In season 2, however, the character designs change. And I actually don't like it. Todd and Riley know look older, but I can undertand that. But the skin tones of every single character is darker, George Stapler Middle School looks like a completely different place, and worst of all, the characters now have five fingers.

    Overall, season 1 and season 2 are basically different shows with the same name and characters. If you become totally obsessed with the first season, I don't recommend season 2 because you might be disappointed. I would've given this show a 7, 8, or 9 if it only lasted for one season. But I personally thought season 2 had some lame episodes, with only a few episodes that would bring me in.

    Now this show ended almost a year ago so Disney Channel has pretty much forgotten all about it. It airs at like 2:00 am and it's usually a season 2 episode so I don't think it's worth staying up late. If you wanna watch it, find a website or watch Disney XD.
  • two kids have adventures

    This show is about two kids, Riley and Todd, who, via an odd and mega powerful company, get to replace anything they want. They live with their parents a daredevil and a spy and always have adventures. They have a talking car. It's a good cartoon and has lots of interesting moments and stuff. The script and jokes are good and the characters are good and the overall style is nice and it's an allround entertaining cartoon, probably only second best to Phineas and Ferb in Disney's current creations... So whilst it's no Phineas and Ferb it's a good cartoon.
  • the replacements....

    this show is stupid!! the eps are the same! the animation is an eyesore. teh jokes makes me wanna throw something at my tv. i'll be soo glad when this show ends & gets off my tv screen!! disney just cant make any good catoons anymore:( bring back the house of mouse cuz that show is 10x better than this show! the dad's name on this show is just....wrong. sorry, but this show just sucks. the voices sound like nails on a chalkboard. avoid this show at all costs if youve never seen it. that's all i got 2 say about the replacements.
  • oooooooooooookaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, is there a point to this show or is it just here because DisChan can't think of anything better to put on the air? or are they recieving under-the-table bribes?

    Why does Disney cancel it's only 2 good animated shows (KP and AD:JL), and yet keep airing this pice of nose-blow that should've been canceled after season 1? honestly, the theme music is clich'e, the "humor" is of the "tries-too-hard" variety, and the cahracters are as stable as the San Andreas Fault-Line, not to mention make about as much sense as leaving a crocodile in a meat-locker in an attempt to make it starve to death.

    The basic plot in having two kids having the resources to replace anyone from polititions to radio-hosts makes even less sense, I mean, do they even pay for the switches they make? and I've noticed that the eps used to be about what happens when you're not "careful what you switch for", now the switching gimmic is just a foot note.

    unlike the good shows, this one has veared faaaaaaar from it's original plot line, not like it even had one to begin with
  • It's about two orphans who found a Fleemco ad and got Agent K and Dick Daring.

    The Replacements is a show about two kids Riley and Todd orphaned at a huse untill the found a Fleemco ad. They sent away a $1.98 and they got Agent K and Dick Daring in from the ad. Even though Season 1 had lousy animation, I still pretty much like this show. I gave it a 7.0 (Good) because it isn't pretty much bad but I still like it. My favorite epiosdes are "Halloween Spirits", "Late Night With Todd and Riley", "Days of Blunder", "Clueless", and "London Calling". In "The Insecurity Guard", they copied an epiosde of "Jimmy Neutron". And that episode it one of the worst I've seen of the series.
  • I don't really like it anymore but it's still OK.

    I used to love this show just because the characters were cute. But then I found more things to not like about it than to like about it. For instance, the animation is not exactly the best in the world. And also, the plot is kinda simple: Two orphan kids find a magazine for a company that switches ordinary people to exotic people and the kids' lives change. And also, the show tries too hard to be funny by overdoing their jokes. I'm sick of people comparing TBOM to this show when there's a big difference. This is a wish/selection-themed show about two kids switching adults with adults of their choice while TBOM is a family-themed show about a fly girl going through everyday situations. Overall, the character designs (nay the "pignoses") are what save this show from getting a totally bad review from me. I'd give it a C-.
  • Look, I'm sorry, but I have a secret about this show;

    I liked it.

    I'm serious. I liked it.

    Okay, so you want reasons? Oh, okay.

    For plotline; Riley and Todd are orphans who finds a comic article of Fleemco, run by Conrad. They sent in mabye all the money they had and got atoptive parents; Agent K, who's job is obvious, and Dick Daring, who's actually a stuntman. For this, I give somewhat a 7 out of ten.

    THe characters, I just gotta say, most of them are steyotypes! Like, Riley being responsible, Todd the average 12-year-old slacker, Abby the friend-or-foe (okay, that's creative) Tatsumi, the japanese robot (that's crative,too. Sorry) Akobo the FEZ, Sheldon the nerd, and whatshisname (forgot, sorry) the bully. NOT good, Disney. Around 3/10, for some crativity.

    The humor; I think it's a win lose situation.

    For one thing, the humor is kinda funny, and goes onto one of the bright sides. My favorite gag, I forgot. But, for some reason, it's funny.
    On the downside, the show just leaves me to say; It reminds me of Fairly Odd Parents. I mean, it does! But, still, it makes up with good voice acting, so, that's okay.

    Overall, I don't recommened it, but, give it a shot. You might like it, you might not like it, but, hey. For me, it's a good show in my opinion.
  • Although the series is a bit silly it's sometimes really funny.

    The Replacements is a series about two siblings, Riley and Todd. When they need to replace someone, they call Fleemco. First I thought the whole idea of the show was absymal, but when I watch some episodes, it was better than I thought. Many people doesn't give series a real chance. Some just watch one episode and think it is the "worst show ever" etc. I hate people who judge series like that. I'm glad that Disney gave this another chance with two seasons, although many doesn't like it. But I like it, and many others too. But I think season two will be the last, because the season confirmed to only have 18/19 episodes, just like Brandy & Mr Whiskers' last season. But I hope that the haters give this a chance and watch more than just one episode, so they really can judge it.
  • I actually laughed at how weird this show is.

    Okay, first of all, I just need to say what is up with these two main characters, Riley and Todd? (or however you spell their names) It seems like in every episode they have a major case of PMS or something. The first time I turned on the TV to watch this show, I see Riley jumping up and down screaming about boys, and then getting all pissed about it afterward, shattering my windows in the process. So thanks for that. I really don't like this show. The idea is basically brought out of a garbage bin and put together last minute for a kids show, yet it's unrealistic for a kids show itself. Yeah, so I have this phone and I can just call some stranger and he'll deliver "people" to replace "people" that I hate. Okay, sure. The animation is pretty sub-par, and it could turn off anyone who watches this at first glance.

    There are a couple decent parts. Nancy Cartwright, or known as Bart Simpson, does a good job at playing Todd, the little boy with PMS. Plus in a couple episodes they had some good guest stars. Overall, bad show. Bleh.
  • What the heck is this stuff doing on Disney Channel.

    Here's my remake of my 8th review of The Replacemets.This show is one of the reasons why Disney Channel is dead to me.Why Disney,why you don't air Mickey or the rest of the gang?The show is basically about a Fairly Oddparents and The Simpsons rip-offs.I bet Matt Groening and Butch Hartman would be angry.Let me explain why The Replacements are rip-offs of The Simpsons and Fairly Oddaparents.The Replacements is a rip-off of The Simpsons is the kids chharacters are similar to Bart and Lisa.Todd is hard-headed like Bart,Riley is smart like Lisa.The Replacemets is a rip-off of The Fairly Oddparents because they want to take their problem the easy way.This is LSUstinks11 telling you have a good day.
  • this is a review of season 2 if you wanna see a review that says more of this show is good watch my old review(season 1)

    okay am i the only one that thinks the replacements is going down hill i mean first of all the animation style is changed so much it makes american dragon look like they did not touch it at all
    and i dont wanna sound perverted but rirly (i do not know how to spell her name)looks like a guy now O_O
    the show used to be funny kinda reminded me of odd parents but now the humor sucks its not very funny like it used to be
    and plus something that i know you noticed if you watched season 1 and then season 2 kinda dumb but why are all the characters less pale now did every single character get a tan before season 2
    overall its better than some shows i hate but they are still making this show worse and worse
    the only reason im not giving it a 2 is because its still replacements
  • There are so many things wrong with this show.

    OK, before any of you fans read this review, I have one thing to say. I mean this in no offense to any fands of this show out there! I am simply here to say what I think about this series. So, what's wrong with this series you may ask? Well, the humor is one thing. I just....I just don't get the jokes and humor. This show, if there is any humor at all, has very bad humor. Again, that's just my opinion. I mean, sure, there are some good jokes out there, but I hardly laugh at them. Another thing is Riley. She always gets the short end of the stick and acts like she's four years old sometimes. There is another problem too. The problem is, I don't like the way Todd and Riley act towards each other. Riley, when Tood does something wrong, always lets him get away with it. While Todd, on the other hand, is always fighting with his sister and never shows any love to her. I know they are sibblings and stuff, but why can't they just be nice to each other, for once? Anyway, I just want to remind you that I mean no offense to anyone out there with this review. While others like this show, I just don't.
  • Eh...

    This show isn't the best, but it's something I watch when I'm bored. It has good humor sometimes, but the adults in this show are idiots. At least it's not like the Buzz on Maggie where unfair things happen to the main characters 24/7. Eventually they figure out how to solve their problem, even though it takes a replacement and a day to figure it out. I wish they would reviele what happened to Todd and Riley's parents. Did they get in a car crash and K & Dick adopt them? Or did something else happen? I wouldn't really recomend this show to anyone. Unless there's nothing else on.
  • Two orphans by a phone that allow them to replace anyone they want with someone new. I am a writer myself and if i were making a children's movie this would be a great film to get the rights to.

    When i first saw the replacements i like many other people thought of it as being trash. But it is far from trash. The writing takes more of a slapstick comedy style which works well with the rediculous characters. I love this show. More tv shows should be like the replacements. This show is every orphans dream, that they can come upon a magical phone that allows them to correct their lives. I think the overall writing is supurb and the characters are wild and zanny. One hit on the show is that they have not really talked about Todd and Rileys past at all.
  • Not as good as Disney Channels other shows, but better than others.

    This show that premiered in 2006 is an average show that I wouldn't choose to watch over something like... say family guy.The voice actors of the show is a great cast with Ned's Declassifieds Daran Noris and several show's Grey DeLisle.Other than that, the show has an ok story line and can keep me interested when there is nothing else on.I was already on the edge of not watching it, that is until season 2's graphics just made me stop watching it almost completly.There is nothing left to say, so I just want to state one more time that for me, this show needs better lines, graphics, and needs to stay funny.
  • This is one of Disney's worst.

    Disney have been coming up with really lame and unoriginal shows these days. This is one of them. This is a show that shouldn't have ever been made. All it's about is two kids replacing people they don't like and replacing them with "cool" people. With a cell phone. A CELL PHONE. How creative.

    This show, I personally think, is telling kids that they can just "replace" their problems. No one can. They just have to live their lives like normal people with the good and the bad. Disney should bring back some of the old classics, that people actually liked.
  • Disney........what were you thinking......

    Disney has made mistakes. Like adding naturally Sadie, which is terrible (sorry naturally Sadie fans). Hannah Montana, what a horrible show, and if Miley Cyrus wanted to become singer why couldn't she make her own songs (did a review on it, if you want to know what I think about it). Under dog, the show was good the movie was crap. Snow buddies (come on, every air bud, lassie, Rin tin, and any movies which real animals are voice acted by kids or adults is crap), It's super fly yo! Give me a break. And then there's the replacement, a show that tries to hard to be funny, but it isn't. The only good episode in the replacements is London calling, everything else sucks hard. Todd and Riley's head shape is messed up, for some reason there square. And the episode where they need phil my grave back (Phil my grave, you get it), they laugh like something's wrong with them. The storylines suck, the lines are cheesy, fleemco are idiots because they listen to kids to send them replacements, and the disney has stopped making episodes.

    Sorry for such a long review, and thank you for reading.

    Storylines: I only give it 2 more because of London calling-3.0
    Characters: Meh-5.0
    Animation: Hurts my eyes-4.0
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