The Replacements

Disney Channel (ended 2009)





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  • Some please replace this crap feast! I trust me, I watched this show and what a bad idea that was. I'm not kidding!!

    Quick review

    Art 10/10 - Pretty basic

    Music 3.5/10 Completly uninspiring and stupid!

    Character 0.0/10 - Not good, stupid, plain retarded and Why do Todd and reilly pick on Sheldon?!(poor Sheldon; hot nerd)

    Plot 4.5/10 - Pointless and binal.

    Animation 5.5/10 - I'll be fair, this could've been cool. But it gets old really quick within episodes and it's a bad animation pariody of flapjack(Which the show is amazing; 7.5) and SpongeBob(6.9/10).

    Storyline 6.5/10 - Two kids were poor and got two replacement cell phones from flamco. And.....pretty much everything else was illrelative.

    Overall 1.0/10 - Don't watch this show, okay. If you do, you will make a mistake like I did when I was 11 years-old. Watch Flapjack, Spongebob, or even buzz on maggie(which I love, despite short episodes)! I am not here to stop you, this is just my review on what watched. The show sucks balls. Could family replaced the replacement with buzz on maggie, instead?!