The Replacements

Disney Channel (ended 2009)





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  • The perfect example of a good premise gone horribly wrong

    The Replacements was a show by Disney that actually managed to suck you in to see this show. There was always a commercial about it and many promotions about it and the premise sounded promising. The show's premise was about two young orphan siblings named Riley and Todd who find an ad for a place called Fleemco, and they mail it in to get two new parents and cell phones. The phones are used to call Fleemco to replace adults who are despicable and get adults who make their lives easier. The premise was actually pretty good, it made people think what would happen if you could replace a certain person to make life easier, but the way it's executed is very poor. The show always, and I mean always, used the same thing again and again. An evil adult was making Todd's and Riley's lives bad, so they call Fleemco to replace the adult with a good one, but at the end the new adult goes insane and the old one comes back and the kids learn a moral lesson. That's it, that's the whole show for you, nothing else, there is rarely an episode that doesn't focus on replacing an adult, it happens once in a blue moon. The artwork and animation is pretty good and flows nicely. The characters can range from annoying to dreadfully boring and uninteresting. The only good characters in this show were Dirk the Daredevil Dad and the Car, they actually made me laugh and provided good humor. Why couldn't the show be about them instead of everyone else? Everyone else has no real humor at all and they say horrible puns that make you do a face palm. Overall, this show could have been a classic, but sadly it fails due to boring and annoying characters, repetitive stories, and bad humor. The only reason you should watch this show is to see Dirk and Car provide comedy. Disney, go back to doing what you did best, and make actual good cartoons, not this, and way to drop the ball on this show.