The Replacements

Season 1 Episode 15

See Dick Run / iTodd

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jun 16, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Interesting

    Todd's addiction to being online was a pretty worthwhile ep. The ice cream thing was kinda weird but as usual CAR is there to rag on Dick. I'd like to see an episode exploring CAR's dislike of Dick. You need reasons to dislike someone/something. CAR always was cantankerous and that makes it funny, but today he almost sounded evil ("Do it or else!").
  • One of the most funniest episodes I have ever seen.

    OMG how should I start? These episodes of the replacements were great!!!!! iTodd was absolutely a laughfest, i can't stop laughing at what Todd did when he was hooked on to the internet.And see Dick Run was another great episode. Man oh man, great times.

    iTodd- To explain this, I will start off with a lol. Too funny. Todd Daring sees an internet site called (a allusion to that Riley was using to connect her friends with. Todd got his account, and he was addicted to it. No seriously, he was really addicted to the site!!!!!!! He even missed his own b-day for Fleemster. When his mom came in He's still into the site. Just look at how he was when Agent K came in. When K told Todd to stop by taking away the internet from the house, Todd was sooooo in shock. lol. The only was was in the Library, but the manager didn't allow Fleemster. Todd then replaced him and then the most funniest things happened. His excitement and his relaxation was the best, until Riley came along. Riley then wanted Todd off the internet. Todd refused and a big fight happened. Later, the replacement who managed the library was none other than the creator of Fleemster and he was a nerd! Todd then learned his lesson and that games and sports are more fun than the internet.

    See Dick run- Another Classic I'll never forget. After eating a 34-pounder ice cream sundae, Dick was way overweight. Todd says that he was perfectly fine, but Riley is concerned, even C.A.R.R. (oh wait, he doesn't care). So when Todd told his bully, Buzz, on a competition, Todd agrees with him. But the problem is that his dad is so badly shaped. Riley and Todd then replaced the ice cream shop owner to a vegetarian place. Dick then was forced to eat this special form of seaweed to make him back to normal. But instead, he was even more skinnier than his regular look. Todd and Riley then trained him to be back in shape and look exactly the same as before. When the competition started, Buzz's dad and Dick were then racing for the gold, until an ice cream stand was there. Dick wanted it, but luckily, Riley threw herself to the ice cream and Dick kept on going. At the end Dick was the 2nd to last runner in the race (Wait what?) but Dick was able to beat Buzz's dad who was last. In this episode, I learned a few things: Never eat bad foods; just eat them often, Diet and exercise is a way to get in shape, and Ice cream is really a bad thing! Especially what happened to Riley. OMFG I didn't know Ice cream can make you really really crazy.

    Overall- Really funny, a must see to everyone.