The Replacements

Season 2 Episode 26

Sheldon's Bar Mitzvah/Crushing Riley

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 02, 2009 on Disney Channel

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  • Moot episode

    I can't really classify this as a good or bad episode. Obviously I have a few nitpicks, but overall I think this episode was well-written for what it was worth. Shelton's Bar Mitzvah party was what everyone else wanted it to be, but nobody paid attention to what he really wanted and for the most part ignored him. Riley replaced the videographer with herself just so she could make a video (and maybe get paid by Shelton's parents). However, she ditched the camera to have a friendly dance with Johnny after Sierra made her jealous. In the end, she re-edited the video into a Space Journeys sketch with the other kids and featuring video highlights of the party on the ship's monitor, much to Shelton's delight. Then Riley is assigned to tutor Donny, who mercilessly bullies the likes of Shelton, Jacobo, and Todd. The three of them begin the episode by hiding in a vending machine, and Riley has to save them from Donny. Donny is smitten with Riley because she is required to award him gold stars for even the most minor accomplishment. Riley tries being mean and then being clingy to get rid of him, but it doesn't work. Johnny proves to be both hot and cold in these back-to-back episodes, asking her to dance as friends in the first half and making snide remarks toward her in the second. Todd replaces the astronomy teacher to fail Donny so Riley would have to keep tutoring him, but Riley quickly re-switches with Sky Blossoms. Donny still won't go away as he needs tutoring in every subject, so Riley finally tells Donny that she is nothing more than his tutor (where's that Cam guy from a couple episodes back, anyway?). Donny says that it wasn't very emotionally mature of her not to tell him that from the start, but then again he also is not emotionally mature as he will now take this news out on the boys again.
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