The Replacements

Season 2 Episode 3

Space Family Daring

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Mar 31, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • There were moments I was laughing so hard it was great!

    There were three moments when I was laughing really hard. The first was the comment Dick made about being foiled by Pluto, which is not even a planet anymore, during the mini golf scene. Then there was Todd getting zapped by C.A.R. because he wanted the five dollars that was in one of his hands (the joy buzzer was in the other hand). But the part that made me laugh the most was when C.A.R.'s downloaded personality got altered when Mook was chewing through all the wiring. It reminded me of a few things, but mostly it made me think of that one episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged Series when Bakura was trying out American slang. In some ways it was predictable, but it was a very very enjoyable episode.