The Replacements

Season 2 Episode 7

The Campiest Episode Ever

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 25, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • good moments and bad moments

    I looked quick and first thought the episode title was "The Campest Episode." :P So K sends Todd off to camp before he can finish protesting. Dick complains that he can't go to camp so K builds him a tent outside, which he hugs C.A.R. for instead, ruining a potentially romantic moment. "Get him off me K!" lol except C.A.R. could've just flipped him off of him with his hood again like before. Abby is at the rival camp. All of the counselors at Riley's camp, including Tasumi, are irresponsible, bribe her with ponies to join them, send the kids on a hunt for "Logfoot" and then blame Riley for it. Meanwhile, C.A.R. plays creepy noises on his sound synthesiser to scare Dick. "This is so wrong but so fun!" The ending was stupid.
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