The Replacements

Season 2 Episode 17

You Got Schooled

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Oct 27, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • It was all right

    Riley and Johnny are actually kind of cute together in this episode (at least when compared to the last one). I felt bad when Johnny got hurt, and I also felt bad for Shelton for being treated like an outcast (note K's and Riley's comments). The squad of roller disco bullies was lame though - I was glad when Buzz said he'd called their moms and had them dragged out of the roller rink. Meanwhile, Todd is scouted by a class clown society but is being showed up by Dick. It was great when Dick was giving his presentation and then felt sad when he realized the enemies were British (in conflict with the last episode where he reads Todd's report and says he hates the British) and says that he and C.A.R. are such good friends, to which C.A.R. responds "No we're not! You're an ignoramus!" Overall, it was an okay episode.
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