The Rerun Show

NBC (ended 2002)


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  • Improv comics and sketch performers re-enact classic and forgotten TV placing new spins on the scripts they are recreating.

    This was a very odd and surreal experimental sketch comedy show that belonged more on Late Night Comedy Channel than on NBC. If you could be offended by watching your favorite shows twisted and insultingly parodied, I would not recommend watching. If you're so wasted on drugs and marijuana that you have no idea where or who you are, you might like the quick and demented attacks on old TV. The series was barely funny, but it was interesting to see how far these people went to try and recreate these shows. NBC used it solely as filler in their schedule, but it wasn't creative or funny enough to actually warrant becoming a real series, but it did garner a certain cult status among its fans. Maybe if it had a permanent spot in the schedule, it might have been picked up by Comedy Channel. Here's to hoping the show makes it to DVD.