The Restaurant - Season 2

NBC (ended 2004)


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  • Episode 206 (2)
    Episode 206 (2)
    Episode 6
    meeting with a former prize fighter who can also cook the perfect meatball. While Jeffery is away, Rocco and Gavin continue to burn wood in the pizza oven. The following morning, a fire security guard is assigned to the kitchen to make sure no more wood is burned in the oven. Rocco is shocked when Gavin tells him that he doesn't want to take Tony's position as head chef and in fact he wants to quit the restaurant entirely. Rocco feels the only way out of his situation with Jeffery may be to find a new restaurant space and start completely over. Rocco and Jeffery come head to head in their final meeting. Jeffery gives Rocco two options, to buy Jeffery out of the business or to accept a check for several hundred thousand dollars and end his involvement completely with his dream restaurant. Rocco is left with a huge decision.moreless
  • Episode 205 (1)
    Episode 205 (1)
    Episode 5
    While Jeffrey and his Corporate Task Force meet to discuss giving Head Chef, Tony a raise, Rocco is plotting to fire Tony, and take his place. News of the firing soon spreads, leaving Jeffrey outraged. Afterwards, a humiliated Tony goes straight to ChodorowÓs office, where Jeffrey assures him he still has a job with China Grill Management. Meanwhile Rocco makes a brief, half-hearted attempt to take over the kitchen. ItÓs only after General Manager, Laurent sits him down for a frank talk, that Rocco realizes the only way to save himself is to retake control and reclaim his restaurant.moreless
  • Episode 204
    Episode 204
    Episode 4
    Unable to face the staff, Rocco slinks into the kitchen and remains until early morning hoping to find the inspiration needed to renew his fight for the restaurant – but ultimately, it is Laurent's brutal call-to-arms which reenergizes the owner/chef and drives him to confront co-owner Jeffrey Chodorow face-to-face. As they square off in front of a stunned staff and lunchtime crowd, Jeffery's restaurant changes are literally happening behind Rocco's back, causing Rocco to rebel as he vents his frustrations on the staff and Sarah, Jeffrey's key representative at the restaurant. The co-owner's ill will soon spreads like a wild fire throughout the restaurant, and with the staff at odds, a real unchecked fire rages in the kitchen.moreless
  • Episode 203
    Episode 203
    Episode 3
    In the aftermath of Jeffery Chodorow's stunning ultimatum that chef/owner Rocco DiSpirito must call him if he wants to remain involved in the restaurant, DiSpirito retreats to his alma mater, the Culinary Institute of America, while Chodorow makes it clear to the staff that he is the owner of Rocco's – and his team of consultants isn't leaving anytime soon. Meanwhile, DiSpirito holds a contest at the C.I.A. to choose a new line cook for the restaurant and delivers an inspirational graduation speech before heading back to the restaurant where Chodorow begins a search for a "Rocco Replacement," just in case his real charismatic partner won't cooperate. In addition, DiSpirito decides to take back his restaurant and begins legal action, takes painful measures to fire one employee and enjoys seeing how happy Mama is in the environment that he created for her – even though there is more at stake than ever before.moreless
  • The Consultants Arrive
    Six months after opening, Rocco's restaurant is losing money and owner Jeffrey Chodorow is determined to find out why. He sends in an aggressive team of consultants - his Corporate Task Force - to observe and come up with creative solutions to the restaurant's fiscal crisis. Much to Mamma's chagrin, Corporate Chef Luke immediately makes his presence known in the kitchen, while Chodorow's clueless 20-year-old apprentice, Drew, makes a clumsy attempt to play host and bartender, and soon finds himself fired as an intern. Meanwhile, Rocco avoids the restaurant altogether, choosing instead to appear at book signings and talk to school children in Harlem rather than show up at his own restaurant. Jeffrey's and Rocco's ongoing battle culminates in a dramatic face-to-face showdown in which Jeffrey gives Rocco a final ultimatum - get back in the restaurant or get out.moreless
  • Episode 201
    Episode 201
    Episode 1
    It has been six months since we last saw star chef Rocco DiSpirito and it appears that his restaurant is humming with business. But as Rocco's celebrity status rises, the restaurant begins to suffer. Financier Jeffrey Chodorow claims it has lost over $600,000 since opening, and shows no sign of turning a profit. Determined to right the sinking ship, Jeffrey convenes a meeting of his Corporate Task Force, and lays out his plan to fix the restaurant; including taking direct control of the restaurant from Rocco and sending the Corporate Task Force in to run the day to day operations of the restaurant. In the course of 24 hours, Rocco's entire world is turned upside down, leaving him reeling, but by no means out of the fight. Unwilling to give up his dream, Rocco places a call to his lawyers; setting the stage for a major showdown between two culinary heavyweights.moreless
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