The Restaurant

Season 2 Episode 2

The Consultants Arrive

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2004 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jeffrey sent members of his organization to Rocco's 22nd Street to find ways to streamline the business. Luke talked with Robert, the Kitchen Manager, about the salaries of kitchen employees. Sarah talked to the upstairs staff and listened to their concerns. Jeffrey talked with Laurent, the General Manager, to identify costs they could trim. Later, Jeffrey, Luke and other restaurant patrons all asked the same question, "Where's Rocco?" He wasn't around. Before Jeffrey left, he told Drew to "just observe."

Rocco – who had been at the Harlem Community Center volunteering with kids to teach them about food, flavors and tastebuds – said that Jeffrey had a lot of nerve bringing in these consultants. Rocco thought that they were just creating anxiety. Rocco told his assistant that Jeffrey wasn't allowed to step foot in his office. He added that Jeffrey "should stop deluding himself thinking that he owns the restaurant."

The next night, Jeffrey and his employees had dinner at the restaurant. They thought the food was good but that the drink service was slow. There was certainly some conflict at the bar. April, a bartender, was having a problem with Matt, a bartender-in-training. April and Matt disagreed about what Matt should be doing. April thought he should be cleaning, but Matt didn't think so. Instead, Matt served drinks to a group of adoring female patrons. April said "I just want to punch him in the face and watch him bleed all over."

Rocco arrived at the restaurant and said it was "like walking into a minefield." He gave tense greetings to Jeffrey's people and then dropped in on some of the upstairs diners. But then Rocco had to leave for an interview. One waiter said he couldn't believe that Rocco was leaving already – especially with all of Jeffrey's people swarming around.

Later, Rocco called the restaurant and Drew answered the phone. Rocco told Drew that he couldn't answer the phone and take reservations until he was trained for that. Drew handed the phone to the hostess and not-so-quietly said "It's Captain Douche Bag." On the other end of the line, Rocco was stunned at the remark and said "That kid needs to be dealt with."

Later that night, Drew had moved from the front of the restaurant to behind the bar where he served drinks to a group of women. Shane, the Floor Manager, thought the situation was ridiculous. Drew was supposed to be part of a team helping the restaurant save money, yet Drew was busy giving away free drinks. Worst of all, Shane said, since Drew was not 21 years old, he was breaking the law. Shane asked Drew not to get behind the bar again. Drew apologized.

Rocco came by the restaurant and pulled Drew aside. He told Drew that he had insulted or alienated everyone in the restaurant. On top of that, he had forced himself into places where he didn't belong. Rocco told Drew he was fired from his duties at the restaurant. Rocco escorted Drew out and told an employee working the door "If he comes back, shoot him."

Drew wasn't the only person having a tough time that night. Jeannine, a waitress-in-training, was struggling. Shane asked Jeannine's trainer if Jeannine was screwing up. The trainer said "No, much worse." Down in the kitchen, Luke saw the effects of Jeannine's mistakes and called Jeffrey at home. Luke told him that things were going wrong and Rocco was not around. Jeffrey said he would come down.

Rocco, who had been at a book signing, arrived at the restaurant. Both Rocco and Jeffrey greeted patrons, but didn't cross paths. Then, Jeffrey asked to speak to Rocco. They stepped outside for some privacy. Jeffrey told Rocco that he had lost nearly $600,000 on the restaurant and that he wants it to be profitable. Rocco said he also wants a successful restaurant. Jeffrey said that Rocco's staff complains that Rocco isn't around. Rocco shot back that they also said the same about Jeffrey. Jeffrey said that he hadn't been around because Rocco hadn't wanted him around. Rocco denied ever saying that. Jeffrey said Rocco should call him by 6 o'clock the next day to let him know whether or not he wanted to continue with the restaurant. Rocco then said that Jeffrey never disclosed any of the finances to him. Jeffrey said that he sent Rocco financial statements every month. Rocco said he never got them. Jeffrey called that a boldface lie. The two men parted ways and Jeffrey said "If I don't hear from Rocco by 6 o'clock tomorrow night, I'm finding a new chef."