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The Return of Jezebel James
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Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of Gilmore Girls, brings us this multi-camera comedy about how two estranged sisters who are polar opposites try to raise a baby together.

Boston Legal's Parker Posey was cast in the lead role in this comedy pilot as Sarah Tomkins. Sarah is an intelligent, optimistic and determined woman who has it all. She's a successful editor of children's books with a very helpful assistant Buddy (The Good Shepherd's Michael Arden) who keeps her life together. Also she has a steady, no-strings-attached relationship with businessman Marcus Sonti (Gilmore Girls's Scott Cohen) a confirmed bachelor. Also Oz Dana Ivey will star as Molly an unspecified character on the series.

At the same time Sarah's father, Ronald(Trump Unauthorized Ron McLarty) always reminds her that although she has the perfect job and boyfriend, something is missing in her life. When Sarah comes home from work she feels alone and she is also not getting any younger, so she decides to get pregnant. But the doctor soon tells her that she cannot have children, so Sarah begins an alternate plan. When she can't find anyone she can count on to have the baby for her, she turns to her estranged sister Coco (Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose). Coco refuses at first, but when Sarah mentions that she has turned Jezebel James, Coco's imaginary childhood friend, into a story book, Coco begins to take her sister's idea more seriously. Coco thinks about her current living status on her friend's couch and decides to go ahead with her sister's plan.

Sherman-Palladino has also served as director and executive producer on the show, which was produced by Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and Regency Television. FOX had ordered 13 episodes for the first season, but only seven were made, and they stopped airing it after only three episodes.moreless

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    • This show was a disappointment on almost every level.

      I very much wanted to like this series. Parker Posey is a personal favorite of mine and I have thought Lauren Ambrose was fascinating since Six Feet Under. So imagine my disappointment when I tuned in to The Return Of Jezabel James full of anticipation to find a show with dialoge from twenty plus years ago and acting that seemed to belong more on a community theatre stage than television.

      Posey seemed to be aware of how sub par the material was and attempting to make up for the shortfall by chewing as much scenery as possible. Her over the top version of the SMILE song in the final episode was almost painful to watch.

      I really hope that both stars get another show soon. They are both wonderful actors and deserve better material than this.moreless
    • Finally, Parker Posey has her own show, and she shines!

      I've been a huge fan of Parker Posey over the years. From her unforgettable movie roles to the greatest Will & Grace guest appearances of all time. I've been waiting for the day where she'd be in another Prime Time comedy, well.. she's back, and she's the STAR! The first 3 episodes so far have showcased her comedic talent and I'm hooked. It's funnier than even my high hopes expected, and looks as if it may become one of the great sitcoms for years to come. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so soon, you'll be glad that you did!moreless
    • I was really expecting much more from the creators of Gilmore Girls.

      My wife and I really were looking forward to the premiere of this program but I have to say we were both very disappointed. Perhaps, they should have considered casting Lauren Graham for the leading role because Miss Posey isn't pulling it off. The canned laughter is literally painful, I cringe every time I hear it like I'm being water-boarded in some third world country. Parker is just too over the top, calm down girl.... She is coming across like a hyperactive 10 year old in desperate need of ritalin. We agreed to watch one more week and if we don't see some improvement it gets deleted from the DVR schedule..moreless
    • I was extremely disappointed in the premier episodes of The Return of Jezebel James.

      I wasn't expecting a new Gilmore Girls and I was still disappointed in The Return of Jezebel James. I was really looking forward to a witty new show created by one of the greats: Amy Sherman-Palladino. What I got was a not very funny hour where everyone seemed to be talking in all capital letters (shouting if you will) and a most annoying laugh track. Maybe the characters were supposed to be quirky, but I just found them irritating. I think the writers need to go back to the drawing board and lose the laugh track. If something is funny, people will laugh. If something it not funny, it isn't funny. Trying to beat people over the head with a laugh track just doesn't work.moreless
    • A surprisingly funny new comedy with a great cast of characters in a rather believable plot...

      Well, the show had me at Parker Posey, one of my favorite actresses. Overall, the show, as a whole, is a well-done sitcom, with an aura of the "NBC Must See Thursday" era. The humor is quite situational and the character dynamics are accomplished with tact. The relationships are clear and built up over the two-episode premiere; which is a prospect that will be developed upon. The rest of the characters are quite colorful, including my fave, Diane Wiest, as the siblings' mother. This show has lots of potential; but, with the current state of stormy weathers for TV land, it is fodder for the chopping block. Hopefully, I hope it lives past this case. I was never a fan of Gilmore Girls; but, let's hope some of those fans come for Amy Sherman's work.moreless
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