The Return of Jezebel James

FOX (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Par 4 Sec 2
      Episode 7
      Sara and Coco have dinner at their parents' house and realize their whole family dynamic is going to change now that there might be a baby in the picture.
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    • Paragraph Two, Section Three
    • I'm With Blank
      Episode 5
      Sarah plans a party for one of her most successful authors new books. Then the author reads a draft of his book's sequel and the kids listening discover that the main character does not live happily ever after. Meanwhile, Coco gets a visit from an old friend but when she realizes the stay will be short, she is not very happy.moreless
    • When Talia drops in on Coco unexpectedly one too many times at the loft Coco decides it's time to get out of the house and get a job.
    • The Return of the Crazy Jackal Shillelagh Lady
    • Needles & Schlag
      Episode 3
      Sarah helps a 15 years old child get his own book publish. She tries to impress the kid with a Knicks game but she realizes that what the kid wanted was a good bed and bath. Meanwhile, Sarah goes with Coco to her gynecologist's office and discovers what Coco feared most.moreless
    • 3/14/08
      Coco decides to give it a try and packs up her bags and relocates from a friend's couch to move into her sister Sarah's enormous loft, but gets more than she bargained for when she discovers she is relegated to a dismal unfinished bedroom.
    • Frankenstein Baby
      Coco is continue to be surprised once again when Sarah gives her an emergency Hello Kitty cell phone and then her parents arrive for a surprise visit that turns for the worse, in the final half hour of our premiere episode.
    • 3/14/08
      Sarah a bright, optimistic, successful children's book editor turns to her estranged and free-spirited younger sister, Coco, when she learns she cannot conceive a child herself.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Sarah asks for help from her younger sister Coco when she learns that she cannot conceive a child herself. Can this two sisters put their differences aside and have a baby together?

      Coco gives Sarah's idea a try and moves from a friend's couch to her sister's loft. When she arrives, she discovers she is going to be moving into an unfinished bedroom.moreless