The Return of Jezebel James

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 14, 2008 on FOX
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Sarah asks for help from her younger sister Coco when she learns that she cannot conceive a child herself. Can this two sisters put their differences aside and have a baby together?

Coco gives Sarah's idea a try and moves from a friend's couch to her sister's loft. When she arrives, she discovers she is going to be moving into an unfinished bedroom.moreless

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  • Parker Posey and her own sitcom ! YUM !

    ok so parker posey wants to have a baby but she cant because her toaster dosnt work ( not to be mean) so she goes and meets with her estranged sister and convinces her to carry her baby for her. aparently parkers character just fell out of a long relationship and the guys a douche obviously who dumps PARKER POSEY!? any ways and takes the couch reasoning? i dunno. well i have to say the show pilot was not great but not bad either. its a lil safe for me in what im used to seeing for posey whom im totally gay for. well i see keep in tune and hope to see it blossom if not cancelled like many of my shows. Viva La Posey !!moreless
  • Amy Sherman-Palladino offers a new dish.

    Television for me hasn't been quite complete since the passing of the beloved Gilmore Girls. Naturally I was going to tune in. After six seasons of funny banters and snappy references, how could it disappoint?

    Parker Posey portrays Sarah, the neurotic, perfectionist, older sister. She's a cross between Lorelai, with all her stories, and What I Like About You's Val Tyler. When she finds out that she cannot conceive a child, she turns to her not-quite-responsible, grungey, younger sister, Coco (played by Lauren Ambrose). She doesn't agree at first, but after finding out that Sarah named her book after her imaginary friend, Jezebel James, she agrees. I'm not quite sure how this changed her mind, other than Coco finding out the obvious: Sarah does care for her.

    The Return of Jezebel James may not be as good as I wanted, with that foul laugh track and all, but it'll have to do. It's not as pop culture-heavy as Gilmore Girls, but it doesn't lack in banter. Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose do their job well. It was even a pleasant surprise to see Scott Cohen (Max Medina in Gilmore Girls). He may play the same character, but it's okay because he's good at it. My main dislike though is Sarah's over-neuroticness. There's a fine line between funny and annoying. But I sure hope it gets better than this, I expected more from the woman who bought me the colorful characters of Stars Hollow.moreless
  • Well, I like Lauren Ambrose in this... and we can speak about the rest.

    Well, I like Lauren Ambrose in this... we can speak about the rest later... .

    I think, that for a Pilot, it was okay! Pilots are hard to make and I think I've never saw a show, where the Pilot was as good as the rest of the series. So, from that, I would say, that Amy S-P did a good job.

    I really like the idea of the story. A woman, who asks her sister to carry a child for her.

    What I didn't like about the pilot is Parker Posey... or her character... Posey is toooooo ...i don't know... flippy??? And her character is very, very strange!

    Lauren Ambrose is great! But I allready liked her in Six Feet Under, so... (I know it's a different genre, but still!)!

    Coco is really cool, but I would have wished a bit more struggeling, before she says "yes" to her sisters offer!

    Well, that's all for now...

    WATCH IT!moreless
  • Anything that ends with as Beetles song is , well, It's Alright!

    Parker Posey (Sarah Thomkins) is not for everyone. This queen of Indy Cinema takes some people a while to warm up to. She plays Sarah as 50% OCD, 30% overachiever and 20% ET.

    Lauren Ambrose (Coco) late of Six Feet Under is Sarah's underachieving sister and the great actress Dianne Weist (The DA before Fred Thompson on Law and Order) is their mother. Veteran character actor Ron McLarty is their father of this dysfunctional family.

    The story line seem to be looking for an excuse for Coco to move in with her sister. With her biological clock ticking Sarah learns she can't conceive so she asks Coco to be her surrogate.

    The pilot (which ran as an hour long premiere along with episode two) introduced Sarah, Coco, her assistant Buddy and current sex buddy, Marcus.

    Fans of The Gilmore Girls will see the hand of Amy Sherman-Palladino epically in the dialog which returns the witty metaphor filled conversation previously part of the late and beloved WB series.

    Give it a chance and you might like it.moreless
  • I can only hope it gets better.

    Parker Posey in a sitcom did not mesh well with me. The constant laugh track didn't help matters much either. I had really high hopes for this show when I found out the creator was none other than, Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of a very beloved show, Gimore Girls. However, it was painful to watch the 1-hour pilot of Return of Jezebel James. When Palladino used to write GG, the humor flowed naturally in conversation. However, in RJJ, the dialogue seemed strained, like TPTB were forcing humor; the overused laugh track seemd overwhelming, as if to tell the viwers, "this is where you laugh now". Maybe Palladino should have created The Return of Jezebel James as a drama with humor thrown in, instead of trying to do an all out sitcom. Parker Posey is incredible in dramatic roles, especially black humor. However, I don't know if she'll be able to hold the weight of a sitcom. If Palladino is keeping this show as a straight for laughs shtick, I hope it gets better, because right now, it's just not funny.moreless
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