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The Revolution

ABC (ended 2012)


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The Revolution

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This daily talk show will feature amazing health and lifestyle transformations. Hosted by Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak, Kimberley Locke and a group of experts and rotating guest contributors, the show aims to help viewers transform every part of their lives. Each week one woman's five-month weight loss journey will be revealed in only five days with results and a final reveal each Friday.


    News Briefs: ABC Is Not Canceling General Hospital (The Revolution, However, Is a Goner)

    Plus: The Walking Dead's creator is working on new show, Boss gets Season 2 premiere date, and an MTV actor comes out!

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    • Revolution TV Show - LA Times Review

      The LA Times recently published a review of the NBC show "Revolution". http://tinyurl.com/revolutionlatimes If you are a fan of the show, what is your opinion of this review?
    • Hugging in School

      As an educator, I feel your portrayal of the "no hugging" was one sided. Hugging in school is more than an innocent exchange. Middle school students take it beyond just an innocent hug. We also have to consider parents, some parents do not want their son/daughter hugging another student in school. Teachers already have to be vigilant in the hallways to prevent fighting, bullying, harassment, hugging, kissing, inappropriate touching, and many items. We stand at our doorways and in the hallways trying to keep students safe.If hugging were allowed we would have to try to keep up with which students are allowed to hug and which are not, which students are not just hugging, etc. Hugs between boyfriend and girlfriend, boyfriend and boyfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend should be left for outside of school. Some parents don't want their child exposed to "those type of people", which brings up even more issues. See what a little hugging can do. Thank you for bringing up the matter but next time please have more information.moreless
    • Middle School Science Teacher

      I don't think your research is very thorough...You realize that most sunblock only keeps you from getting tanned, it doesn't keep you from damaging your skin. The only way to truly protect your skin is to wear clothing or coat your skin with zinc oxide, if you can still see your skin, IT'S NOT PROTECTED FROM SUN DAMAGE! Try testing the effectiveness with UV beads, you can buy them at some craft or hobby stores. Apply the cream and expose to the sun, if their color changes, their not protected! Most creams do absolutely NOTHING!moreless
    • best show ever

      this show is absolutely my favorite show of the year.its nice to know that there is a real show on tv with real ppl that can talk about all the issues we face in our lives.whether its weight problems or being bullied at school.ive learned alot from this show.and i would also like to add that one of my friends decided to get into shape.a few months ago he realized that he wanted to change his life and start working out n get healthier...well over the last few months he has lost 70 pounds.and he is still losing weight.he is an inspiration to everyone out there that struggles with weight.i am so proud of him for turning his life around and becoming a healthier person.moreless
    • Loving it

      I love the show, I hope it stays on....I would love to apply for the weight loss part of the revolution.