The Richard Pryor Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 13, 1977 on NBC

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  • A very good episode of an extremely short lived but relevant show for Richard Pryor and his great career.

    Star Wars Bar - A hilarious skit with Pryor as the bartender in the Star Wars bar, commenting and interacting with the barflies. This is a great, ingenious take-off/spoof

    Western - Pryor as 'the man with no name' showing down the gunslingers in the west. This is funny the way it's done, seriously.

    The First Black President - Pryor is the first black president giving a press conference. This is as hilarious as the 'Star Wars Bar' skit. Before it's time.

    I Gotta Be Me - A construction worker sings 'I Gotta Be Me' while stripping and changing into a woman. I saw this one on SNL, same thing. It's okay, but once you get the joke the first time it's funny for a second, then it's over - dead the rest of the time.

    Mojo The Healer - Good idea, funny performance and delivery but the jokes aren't up the par with Pryor. It seems very improved, not bad but could have been better.

    The O'Jays - Nice segway into their performance of 'Work On Me' starting with the young O'Jays singing on the stoop.

    Club Harlem - A nice variety/dramatic skit with war soldier Pryor coming back to Club Harlem hoping to rekindle his romance with an old flame (Paula Kelly) at the Club Harlem. Pryor is very good here, showing his range.

    This episode was very good but could have used a little add and subtract on it to make it a great episode, especially re-writing the 'Mojo The Healer' skit and cutting out the 'I Gotta Be Me' skit altogether.