The Richard Pryor Show

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show opens with 2 Samurai Warriors fighting over a lovely young Geisha. Pryor - As the 'good guy' Samurai - Comes to her defense, quickly slaying one Samurai, but quickly becoming surrounded by 6 others. He slays them all, one by one, in an impressive display of swordsmanship, leaving only the head Samurai, whom he soon vanquishes. On his way out, Pryor glances at the girl and says:

"How was that, mama?"

The 'Trial' sequence takes place in the town of Beauville, Mississippi, in the summer of 1926, where many have come to witness the trial of a young black man, by the name of Wilford Smith, who is accused of attacking a young white woman by the name of Ora Lee Dupree. The Defense Attorney (Robin Williams) delivers his final summation, reminding the jury of the ample evidence in favor of his client. But Mississippi's famous white Prosecuting Attorney 'Big' Ed Garvey (Pryor) tries to refute that evidence, with testimony that is evidently rigged. Ultimately, the defense prevails, with the jury pronouncing the defendant 'not guilty', but with the Defense Attorney being convicted, instead.

In the 'Egypt 1909' sequence, Richard - As part of a team of 4 Archaeologists - Discovers a long-sealed tomb-like room, which contains "The fountain of all knowledge of Egypt". However, when Pryor's interpretation of an ancient book reveals the many early accomplishments of The Black Man, the other Archaeologists abandon him, and seal him in the tomb, to cover up these discoveries.

In the 'Mr. Come-From Man' sequence, Pryor plays a money-hungry traditional African, who, for a hefty fee, will trace one's family roots. He also tries to interest the members of a tour in various phony African artifacts, such as shrunken heads, and a battle shield, and introduces them to members of the Pygmi and Watusi tribes.

In the 'Heavy Metal sequence, a screaming crowd welcomes the shock band 'Black Death', when they make their appearances from coffins, in ghoulish costumes. Lead singer/guitarist Pryor - Dressed in quite a garish costume - Wows the crowd for the next several minutes, with a 'Kiss'-like display of heavy metal showmanship, but ends his show in a very shocking way.
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