Sam El just doesn't get it....

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    Like most of in the Black community we enjoyed this show and were saddened by its quick demise. The show never got a chance to evolve, Richard appearing in a see through lamé body suit to begin the 4th and final show was the last show for the NBC censors. The show like Richard Pryor's humor was directed towards Black audiences, Too Black, Too Strong, most mainstream and white audiences didn't understand this show. Pryor conducting a press conference with reporters and Black militants is one of the funniest skits on TV, way too profound for most viewers plus Pryor had several interracial moments with white women which was still taboo in 1977. Like the short-lived Redd Foxx Comedy Hour which also was provocative and knee deep in Black culture and adult references, these show were doomed

    I am not stating that this show was superb, but it was worthy of airing for an entire season to develop and still ranks way above the 1.0 Sam El rates this series

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    I appreciate your intelligent post, unlike another on this site who criticized Pryor's performance on the show. Humor, he seemed not to understand, is subjective. I don't know how old you are, but it was typical of that era for shows like Mr. Pryor's and Foxx's to fail the rating's war. This was when people were shocked by "All in the Family." Seriously? It's a shame because the world missed out on a brilliant, funny artist who had much to share and teach.

    What's important is that his talent and show inspired and paved the way for many others--of all races. Mr. Pryor's legacy endures.

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