The Richard Pryor Show

NBC (ended 1977)


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  • This website says this show was cancelled due to controversy and censorship. I can\'t speak for those, but I can really understand an uncited reason why it may have been cancelled--the show is phenomenally bad.

    This may be the most fantastically unfunny variety show I have ever seen. Even during the portions where I do find myself chuckle, I find that the jokes don\'t hold up under scrutiny. I pause and think, \"wait, that wasn\'t funny; why did I laugh?\" Also, bits that actually are humorous are overly long for the eventual punch line. Take, for example, the Clint Eastwood parody. After several minutes of admittedly dead-on Eastwood caricature, we get a joke about his gun getting stuck in the holster?! I mean, come on! And don\'t think this is some Richard Pryor bashing. I like Richard Pryor as much as the next person and I hate to speak ill of the deceased, but this show is just plain bad.