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The Riches

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The Riches follows a traveling family of con artists. Dahlia (Minnie Driver), the family's mother, has just completed a 2-year stint in prison. As well as dealing with Dahlia's drug problem, the family begins to question their marginal lifestyle. Along with their three children, they assume the identities of a normal, high-income family. The Riches is produced by FOX Television Studios in association with Maverick Television.

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    • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

      The Riches is the most recent TV show I've been watching from my Netflix que, and I have one question. How in the world could they cancel it!? More people watched the premier of The Riches than ever watched an episode of the Shield or Rescue Me. It's also got to be one of the most creative shows I've ever seen!

      The show centers around the Molloy family, a family of modern day gypsies. Today is a big day for them as the matriarch of their family is being released from jail, after serving a two year sentence. A big party is thrown for her and all seems well in the Molloy family, but things aren't what they seem. The Molloy family is forced to leave their camp. Wayne (Eddie Izzard) is not going empty handed thou. Before leaving he cracks the camp leaders safe and takes a substantial amount of money.

      Once on the road, they run into another family from camp, that had been oblivious to what was going on. It doesn't take them long to realize something isn't right, but before they can confront them, the Molloy's take off and a big highway RV chase begins. During the chase a passing motorist and his wife are killed. The man and woman are Doug and Shrine Rich, and they are on their way to a new home in Eden Falls.

      Doug was a savvy lawyer, who made a fortune at the expense of others. On this day he and his new wife were on the run also, moving away from everyone and everything they've ever known to move to a new state and into a new house they bought on the internet. Thanks to paper work in the car, Wayne Molloy quickly realizes who these people were and where they were going. It is then that he decides it's time to stop travelling the country and settle into a nice, normal, "buffer", lifestyle. Living in Eden Falls as Doug and Shrine.

      Along with their 3 kids, the Molloy's try to adapt from being a family of travelers to a family of wealth and stability. The show is amazing! There are so many twist and turns, cons and jokes, ups and downs, It's so well written , with an outrageous cast of characters, and most important of all, a storyline I promise you have never seen before! The show was cancelled by FX in late 2008, but both seasons are available on Netflix, and according to Wikipedia, Eddie Izzard and the show's creator are currently working on a full length feature film. If you want something different crossing comedy, drama, and action, then I'd say The Riches are for you!moreless
    • A family of travellers

      This show is one of the most intriguing and frustrating that I have ever watched. The actors do a fantastic job (I'm not an Eddie Izzard fan, but he is not without talent), Minnie Driver offers a performance unlike any I have ever seen. Although I find her accent to be one of the most grating parts of the show. The youngest child plays his part to perfection, with enough mystery to not make it a cliche and the type of childhood understanding that so often seems so forced. The two older children do well enough, but are really never given anything to do. The boss brings the most outrageous performance but his motives are illogical and are never explained other than conveniences for the part.

      Every episode leaves me unsatisfied and outraged about the combination of unrealistic circumstances and character flaws that lead to mistake after mistake. The plots are infuriating and even when things are going well there is this underlying sense of despair that radiates this show.

      I really wish it had been given time to develop because it draws a very strong reaction but leaves more questions than anything else.moreless
    • The american dream can be taken whenever you want.

      I didn't like so much the first episode of the series, but I decided to keep watching because I saw a lot of potential in this show. Maybe the very first episode finds you completely unprepared on travellers' culture and lifestyle and that's why you're not sure if it's going to be a really good or a really bad show. It turns out already in the second episode that it's a great series, an amazing story with incredible characters and a whole new world to discover. After a while you find yourself thinking about this confortable and clean life you're kind of stuck in, and you realize that the american dream is not such a sweet dream; it looks a lot more like a war you have to fight every day, and the hardest fight is the one against yourself. If you're looking for a comic and full of laughs series this is not the best to pick up, but I hardly recommend it if you want to see a well written show!moreless
    • Can the American Dream be bought?

      This show had an interesting premise from the beginning; could the American dream be bought? Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver star as Wayne and Dahlia Malloy, the parents of three children who are modern day gypsies. While on the road, there is a altercation with another traveler family and the eponymous Riches are killed. Wayne and Dahlia become the Riches and thus the series is born. The first season saw the Malloy's adjusting to life outside of the RV, while the second season was a fight to keep it. The series ended before a resolution or a series finale, which is unfortunate because this series was truly original.moreless
    • An engaging drama. Though the premise was hard to relate to, the struggle to be more than you are is uplifting. Pair great actors to well-written characters and this was a solid show. It's no Firefly or Journeyman, but I still can't fathom why it was cut.moreless

      The Riches was an addicting drama. Sure, the premise was borderline absurd, but I never had trouble suspending my disbelief because of the tight scripts and quality acting.

      At the center of the story was the struggle for redemption and the idea that a normal life is worth fighting for – an uplifting sentiment that seems even more relevant this year than last. One must wonder why they chose to cut it this year. At the very least, it was worthy of one more season to tie up the orderly threads. I imagine fans would have been satisfied while a topical perspective would have drawn in new viewers. As it was left, not only is curiosity not satisfied, but the moral of the entire series is left ambiguous do to the absence of resolution.

      The characters were, at times, a little too colorful, but every one of them was accessible and the family members were all motivated by believable and consistent traits. I for one will miss having a weekly dose of Eddy Izzard (Wayne Malloy) and Shannon Woodward (Di Di Malloy), who consistently pleased with her consistent performance as the the heart of the family.

      It's no Firefly or Journeyman, but I still can't fathom why The Riches weren't given a chance to settle down on their own terms.moreless
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