The Riches

Season 1 Episode 4

Been There, Done That

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on FX

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  • Just an amazing hour of television, showed the main characters true feelings underneath it all, and was darn entertaining!

    Wow, just.. wow.

    I already liked the show, as with most F/X originals, it had a fun premise with good cast members. But this episode raised the bar even higher!

    In the midst of yet another clever con, fresh off a spat about Dahlia's drug use (where she behaved in true addict fashion, in a nice touch), the Malloys end up in a phone conversation meant to serve as part of a con. But somehow, underneath the scam, they open up to each other, letting down their guard.

    Truly touching. Very well written, and episodes like that will keep me coming back for more. That, and watching the "Riches" see what they can get away with this week...

  • The Malloys find out that the Riches are Jewish, Cael pulls a con job while Wayne battles the Riches ex-wife.

    Decent although I felt a couple of the cons could have been pulled off better. For instance, when Dahlia learns that the Riches are Jewish, she is caught redhanded wearing a cross around her neck. Her excuse saying it's a product from WalMart is laughable. I know the people living in the area are supposed to be rich snobs but they aren't this dumb.

    Likewise, Wayne's fast talking to Audrey over Doug's ex-wife was also slugglish. He referred to himself in the third person which would be a red flag to anybody that this guy is a con and that speech toward those angry homeownwers was bs.

    Nevertheless, it's entertaining to see these characters react to these developments. Dahlie when she found out Wayne's predicament completely wanted him to take the fall. Minutes later they both pulled of a con together over the lawyer for Doug's ex-wife. Again implausible but you see where this is going.

    The Rich are never happen and are corruptable. Then again seeing the Malloys enter this lifestyle seems to be both helping them and tearing them apart more. They're enjoying the fruits of their victims and at the same time getting in deeper living this lie.
  • Tonight's episode is a fine example of what a television drama should be. Wayne comes face to face with the real Doug Rich's ex. Dale is one step closer to finding the Malloys, and Cael puts his con skills to the test when he breaks into Rosemere.

    With each episode we learn more about the family and the bond that keeps them together. Cael puts his thievery skills to the test when he is asked by two fellow Rosemere students to break into the school in an attempt to alter some grades. Cael suggests that they should go into the business of selling grades. Wayne and Dahlia pull off a con of their own when they convince a gambling addicted attorney representing the ex-wife of the real Doug Rich, to buy an infertile Alpaca for breeding purposes. On another front, Dale uses Tammy to get closer to the Malloys. Cael meets Tammy at a restaurant but later realizes that Tammy is being used by Dale. Cael makes a call to the police who take care of Dale. Dahlia admits to Wayne that she got addicted to Meth in prison but that she is now clean. In an attempt to be the perfect all American family, Wayne buys memberships to a Jewish temple.

    With each episode, the writing just keeps getting better, the cons get riskier, and you end up cheering for the Malloys.
  • The real Doug Riches’ ex-wife jeopardizes the new lifestyle for everyone. While Di Di falls for a guy and Cael puts his skills into use for a school break-in

    This episode was great and it raised the bar to what all shows should be like...
    The best part of the show came when Wayne and Dahlia let their guards down during their con act; it truly allowed us to understand just what happened between them...what a touching moment. I also enjoyed the fact that the book “The Great Gatsby” was brought up; it’s a wonderful book for all to read!!!
    Ok, at first when Cael took the yellow car I was wondering why it wasn’t reported stolen by the neighbor, but when the writers brought in the school kid to explain it was his car; that is what makes the show so good, filling in black holes. Also, what a great laugh when Dahlia finds out that the Riches are Jewish and she’s wearing a cross...She could have explained to the other women that her husband was Catholic but she just did her thing...
  • This episode is a have to watch. I continues on many story lines that are affecting evryone in the family. Very elabrate cons and msny of them.

    I thought this was both a breathe taking and essential episode. I liked how the story progressed with calling the cops on family. The idea that cops are buffers friends. I also liked the new fricken in the house hold do to lack of trust. The best con of this episode is taking advantage of the x-wifes lawyer gambleing addiction and batting him with an unethical exchange of money for the neighbors elpaco. What makes it such a good scam is that the elpaco is a dud, and they are having the price raised because of how vaulable the offspring would be. This eposode ends maing me wanting to see next wee so bad to see what is going to happen now since the "family" nows where they live.