The Riches

Season 1 Episode 4

Been There, Done That

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on FX

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  • The real Doug Riches’ ex-wife jeopardizes the new lifestyle for everyone. While Di Di falls for a guy and Cael puts his skills into use for a school break-in

    This episode was great and it raised the bar to what all shows should be like...
    The best part of the show came when Wayne and Dahlia let their guards down during their con act; it truly allowed us to understand just what happened between them...what a touching moment. I also enjoyed the fact that the book “The Great Gatsby” was brought up; it’s a wonderful book for all to read!!!
    Ok, at first when Cael took the yellow car I was wondering why it wasn’t reported stolen by the neighbor, but when the writers brought in the school kid to explain it was his car; that is what makes the show so good, filling in black holes. Also, what a great laugh when Dahlia finds out that the Riches are Jewish and she’s wearing a cross...She could have explained to the other women that her husband was Catholic but she just did her thing...