The Riches

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 07, 2007 on FX
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The family finds itself in awkward situations when Wayne is offered a partnership at Panco only if he throws a dinner party that meets Hugh's approval. Meanwhile, a former cellmate of Dahlia's on the search for a job wants to be the family's maid.

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  • A great episode! Dahlia runs into her cellmate from prison and brings her to the Riches' home. Not the best idea...

    This episode made a couple of important lead-ins to future plots and was not, as another reviewer said, a "filler episode." The episode begins with Wayne at Panco, talking to Hugh about getting a partnership in the company (he's not satisfied with the lame "Employee of the Month" plaque that Hugh gave him). Hugh agrees to consider it, but he wants to come to the Riches' for a dinner party. Wayne begins to scramble to plan the party and find guests, but the only people he can find are the next-door neighbors (the woman who gave Dahlia pills and her husband, the elpacha breeder). When Dahlia goes to the liquor store to "stock up" for the party, she runs into her cellmate from prison, a black woman who goes by the name "Chunky K" (which Wayne and the kids find amusing). Dahlia is hesitant about even speaking to Chunky, but she goes up to her. Chunky suggests getting coffee, and Dahlia almost gets into her car and drives home. But she feels guilty (that woman always seems to feel responsible for everyone) and takes Chunky to the Riches home. Chunky wonders how Wayne got so much money so quickly, and Dahlia tells her a lame lie about Wayne taking a "fast track" through law school, graduating and getting a high-paying job in two years.

    Wayne comes home, and right away he's skeptical of Chunky's presence, especially with the big dinner party coming up the next night. His concern increases when he sees Chunky huffing glue or something out of a paper bag (although I have to wonder why she was bothering to do that, since we find out later that she has plenty of METH, not cocaine, in a baggie). He tries to bribe Chunky to leave, but Dahlia, who is always burdened with guilt, has her stay. Chunky wants to be hired on as the maid, so she gets into a uniform and begins to help with the party. When the kids see her cutting meat with a large knife, they all seem a little afraid since she'd told them that she killed her husband with a similar knife.

    There's a funny scene in the middle of the party where Sam comes downstairs dressed as a girl. DeeDee covers for him by saying that they have to rush to the school play right after dinner. I love Sam...he tried to dress up in a nice suit before he changed into a dress, and when he stood in front of the mirror he put a little barette in his hair. It was very sweet.

    Anyway, Hugh and the neighbors are at the little party, and Hugh keeps patronizing Chunky. She presents a business plan to him that involves making burgers or something out of rabbits...I didn't really get it...and Hugh keeps cracking jokes about it at the dinner table. The elpacha guy overhears and makes a comment about how it's wrong to eat peaceful animals (what? like pigs and cows are so violent?) and Chunky snaps "at least I'm not gay Oops. This is very distressing to Dahlia's pill-popping friend.

    Chunky goes upstairs in a huff after announcing that she's quit, and Hugh goes "to the bathroom." Wayne and Dahlia find him upstairs with Chunky a few minutes later, and he's snorting a line of crystal meth off of her chest. A tweaked-out Hugh agreese to give Wayne the partnership, and he ends the night on the Riches' living room floor, doing God-knows-what methed-out thing.

    Dahlia expresses her disapointment in Chunky ("he's been clean for eighteen years"). I feel that Chunky getting Hugh back on the drug bandwagon again will be important in future will make him crazier than ever, and who knows what will happen to our heroes, good or bad, as a result? Anyway, Chunky is about to leave...and she leaves her bag of meth with Dahlia (a very mean thing to do). Wayne overhears them talking about drugs, and he now knows the whole truth about Dahlia's problem (which leads to the premise for the next episode, I assume).

    Overall, I think that this was a very interesting (better than last week's, I think) AND important episode. Not hugely eventful, but the events that have occured will be important in the future, I can tell. For one thing, Wayne has the partnership. Also, Hugh is back on meth...and, from the previews for next week, it seems like Wayne is going to try some (or a helluva lot) of the meth himself, to spite Dahlia. Uh, oh. Needless to say, I'm VERY excited for next week's episode.moreless
  • The Riches must throw a buffer style dinner party for Hugh. This is so Doug can become a partner in Panco. Daliah's cellmate from prison shows up and causes havoc.

    Not the best one, but entertaining. If Hugh was sniffing coke off of Chucky's breasts, dont you think he would have been doin it till it ran out like most ppl do? No, they had him tinkering with something on the floor. At this point is where Wayne decides not to be his partner. But the coming episode show him as the head of legal, and really whacked out on something. We didnt find out what happened to Ken back at camp, nor was any of it mentioned. Even for me, this episode was too...buffered! What happened to the investor they so cleverly were setting up. Not a peep. Did they skip a few episodes, or did I take too much medicine? Get with the congruity any all will be good.moreless
  • The family finds itself in awkward situations when Wayne is offered a partnership at Panco only if he throws a dinner party that meets Hugh's approval.

    Some dinner party… This episode it really showed what personally Wayne truly has for not accepting Hugh’s approval after everything. Yet I had to even laugh at the business proposal Chunky gave, but I wouldn’t have been that mean like Hugh was. Wayne really tries hard to keep this life he’s got now; he’s looking after his family, that a good father and husband he is. Hands down I thought Dahlia’s friend Chunky was going to kill Hugh!! I knew why Wayne didn’t want her at the dinner party but I thought maybe she would grow into a better person. Yet after the party I could see why Wayne was distrustful of her by her actions towards Dahlia and Hugh.moreless
  • Wow, what a great week. Same classic Riches; funny, entertaining but this was Minnie Drivers week....

    Well Wayne is pushing Hugh, the owner of Panco to become a partner. The catch is that Hugh wants to come to a dinner party with Wayne's family. Well the wrench is that Dahila friend from prison, Chunky, came into the Riches life and bringing them back to reality of who they are. The Riches, just like the rest of us, got caught up in the good life and were only living for them selves. The party was great, Hugh was his classic self, making Doug feel very uncomfortable. Doug was his classic self trying to cover up everything that is going wrong. Chunky, now the maid pitches a business plan to Hugh. The plan was to raise rabbits and sell the meat. Hugh made fun and the fun just started. Of course classic Riches there is always something going on just around the corner or in another room. Chunky got Hugh high and offered Doug to be a partner. During all of this Hugh made fun the Riches only friends and Doug did the right thing and turned down the offer. This was a great episode, it was full of the dark humor that I love in the show but was very serious at the same time. I love this show more and more every week.moreless

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    • Wayne: I want to be a partner, Hugh. I want to sign partnership papers with a Panco pen. I want to learn the Panco secret handshake. I want to get the keys to some partners only, executive bathroom, where the oragami's ... cut out of ... oragami shapes. I want to wipe my ass with a swan, Hugh.
      Hugh: Not even I get to wipe my ass with a swan.

    • Hugh: Good morning Doug. Know what I'm gonna say? Guess.
      Wayne: I have no idea.
      Hugh: Go on, guess.
      Wayne:'re in love with me.
      Hugh: No.

    • (Sam comes downstairs to a formal dinner in a dress.)
      Hugh: Who's this pretty lady? And where's your other son, Doug? Didn't you say you have two?
      Wayne: This is my son, Hugh. This is Sam.
      Nina: I hear he loves the theatre.
      Dehliah: Oh yes he does. We're actually just on our way to the school play after we finish eating. Isn't that right Sam?
      (Sam nods in agreement)
      Hugh: Sorry partner, I didn't recognize you as a member of the B-Team.
      Sam: What's the B-Team?
      Hugh: Boys. The boys team.

    • Wayne: Speaking of strangers, where the hell is your mother?
      Sam: You said she was with her friend.
      Wayne: She is. She's with her old friend Chunky K.
      Dehliah: I'm sorry, but does anyone else think that the name Chunky K is hilarious?
      Cael: Better than Fatty K
      Wayne: Well, she was Fatty K, then Jenny Craig got involved.
      Sam: You know, we really shouldn't make fun of Mom's friend.
      Wayne: We're not making fun of her. That's her name. Ms Chunky K. If I was to call her Ms Slightly Heavy K, then that would be making fun of her. But she prefers Chunky, that's how she introduced herself.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Popelka (Cinderella)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 26, 2007 on Virgin 1
      Australia: January 21, 2008 on Showcase
      Denmark: April 23, 2008 on TV3+
      Israel: April 24, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Czech Republic: June 23, 2010 on Prima COOL