The Riches

Season 2 Episode 6

Dead Calm

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 22, 2008 on FX

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  • It would be the perfect episode...if it wasn't for one tiny flaw.

    In my opinion, this was the best episode of the Riches so far. A lot happened: Dahlia found the money, Cael decided to stay with the Travellers, Di Di started a new relationship, and Wayne has to deal with the presures of the con that is starting to destroy his marriage. It was the perfect least for 90% of it.

    As you may or may not know, GMC did a lot of sponsorship for the show. I guess this meant a 2 minutes advertisement in the middle of the show. And I'm not talking about a commercial...I mean an in-show ad. Dahlia goes to buy a car which coincidently is the GMC Acadia, the car they were promoting during The Riches new season ads. Of course the car salesman had to list all of the great features of this car and Dahlia was impressed saying how great of a deal it was. This killed the episode for me.

    The one minor flaw prevented this from being the perfect episode of The Riches. It revealed a lot about what's to come and Wayne is starting to feel this con backfire turning the perfect life he has as 'The Riches' back to his life of being a Traveller. We can only hope that a third season happens and we learn more of what's to come.
  • Is this a tv show or a GMC ad?

    Ok, so GMC sponsors the show, I can live with them making a point of always lingering on the logo of their gas-guzzling monstrosities of cars. But actually making a tout of GMC be part of the show? That crosses the line. I don't watch shows to see someone drool over and spend several minutes LITERALLY trying to sell me a GMC car.

    If they keep doing this, I'm going to have to stop watching the show.

    I already feel guilty watching something produced by a FOX affiliate - I barely need a reason to stop watcing.

    I have better things to do than watch something that is nothing more than an excuse to sell something. Let's not sully this artistic medium by making it nothing more than an hour long advertisement.