The Riches

Season 1 Episode 12

It's a Wonderful Lie

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 28, 2007 on FX
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The Malloys must hide their true secret extra carefully when Doug's friend Pete stops by for a visit, Hugh returns with a new wife from Las Vegas, and Hartley warms up to Dale and shows him how to blend in.

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  • This show was a little slow and Ponderous, but it'll leave you wondering "What next" in the end!

    This is the climax of the Season. When secrets are all revealed, and the cats out the bag, you know that big episode comes next. Dale had it all planned out, when an unexpected visitor came looking for his friend for moral support all to find out that he wasn’t there, and that someone else has taken complete control of his identity. Scared and jumping to conclusions, he questions the family throughout the whole day. Dale and Dalia try there best to comfort and bolster they’re visitor the best way they can. Losing options, Dale comes up with this kinky way of gratifying him by telling him that Doug responds only from his phone and plans on keeping his identity secretive. He then pretends to call Doug who is actually dead, and leaves a code message singing amazing grace. “What do we do now?" The visitor asks? "Now we wait". Dale replies, knowing that they’re doing nothing. Persistent as they wait all day Dalia makes attempts to get him drunk so that they could pack up and leave, while the young one ( who has an identity crisis of what sex he should be ) is troubled in the since that his painting on the wall has to be painted over just incase they have to leave. Dale comes up with a plan saying that Doug is in the woods, but doesn’t want to be seen face to face. The plan is foiled by little error right after all was right for Dale. He knocks the visitor out then brings him back home while locking the door on him from the inside. The family knows that they have to go, and make haste. Dale’s brother comes in contact with the visitor and will probably make sure that there’s no way he can tell the police on Dale, just so that he can blackmail Dale. He also made sure that they couldn’t get away by re-ajusting their only means of transportation. There are even more significant factors I didn’t reveal that makes the suspense all more worth while.moreless
  • Doug's friend Pete stops by for a visit and learns about the Malloy’s secrete, Hugh returns with a new wife from Las Vegas, and Hartley warms up to Dale.

    It was a good episode…nothing to over the top but yet nothing that was going to put me to sleep. It had some great humor and wonderful moments between Wayne and Dahlia. Just as things are going to turn out all good with getting rid of Doug’s friend Pete; we learned it’s not going to be that easy after all with Dale involved. I’m looking forward to seeing next season; will Hugh stay with his new wife from Las Vegas? What’s going to happen to the Malloy’s now that an outsider knows about their secrete? Then there's Dale hanging out with Mrs.'s going to get crazymoreless
  • They're in the witness protection program...

    This was a pretty good episode, they set up the season finale nicely, and it'll be pretty interesting to see what happens and how they pull it off.

    The storyline with Doug's friend coming for a visit went completely different how I thought it would. I was expecting them to do the typical storyline, but they didn't and it was refreshing.

    I don't know if they dropped the storyline between Dee Dee, and her boyfriend, or if last week's was the final blow off for it, if they did it's too bad, hopefully they'll continue that next week in the finale.

    The ending was a total surprise, I was fully expecting Dale to be in the chair, and when it turned out to be Pete, I was floored...A great twist to follow into the season finale.moreless
  • After last week's sleeper, I was not expecting too much from this episode... fortunately I was mistaken!

    This episode was almost perfect. The writing is definitely back and not falling into the political "preachiness" that last week’s episode seemed to be heading for (unfair discrimination of same sex couples). The new "Pete" character was the only device that almost went too far over the top. The guy is a good character actor, but seemed to be overacting. Minnie Driver is the best (& sexiest) actress anywhere on television. She and Izzard are totally believable, and excelled to new levels in this episode. The chemistry they have is what makes this series. By the time this episode was over, I was literally pacing the floor, and after seeing the previews of next week, I'm anxiously expecting a riveting finale.moreless
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