The Riches

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on FX

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  • A great opening episode, it throws all the main characters at you, but in a truely Eddie Izzard comical fashion, bless one of latest exports to the States. Like a few pilot episodes, after watching this one you will fall into the must watch category.

    There is so much going on in this episode that you truely don't understand all the happenings, until much later on when you can recap or rewatch it.

    Dahlia is released from doing a 2 year stretch in prison and happily waits for her family to pick her up, as promised, but as usual they are late. Then of course, you see Wayne and the kids, in their RV, trying their hardest to get to the prison in time for picking up Dahlia. When Dahlia and Wayne do meet up, this is so special and so well done it was watching just for this.

    Then we are off to travellers camp, where Dahlia gets a great welcome and they party along, there is a little underlying tension between Wayne and the son of the travellers leader. Things slowly start to go sour and it results in Wayne stealing the travellers bank money ($40,000) and leaving the site.

    They are leaving a dinner, trying to decide on which way to travel and what to do, when the are spotted by some fellow travellers, who give chase of the Malloys. This leads to an RV chase, which has got to be a first, well it was for me. The result of which leads to a car being driven off of the road.

    The Malloys, rather than fleeing the scene, such as the others did, go to investigate, find that the women is dead and the man is on his last legs and dies in his arms. But rather than trying to revive him, start going through their belongings looking for good things, this showed me that the series was going to be full of dark humour and is a must to watch.

    The decide at this point to become the riches!!!
  • The Malloy's is a family of con-artists, druggies, and lowlifes whose life is about to change when they take the identity of another family.

    Gotta commend FX for being different. "The Riches" is certainly unlike a lot of the other shows that have premiered in the fall and spring. A dark comedy of sorts about a down and out family of con-artists who by bad luck (or is it?) assume the identities of another family of whom they accidently run of the road.

    What a group of whackos this family is. In a way this might be an accurage description of the dysfunctional American family today. You get a father whose a con man, a mother whose a druggie, a son whose gay and the daughter who has trouble making friends. Eddie Izzard is great as Wayne Malloy. As how he tries to find a better life for his family, he can't deliver anything more than mediocrity. Dahlie (Driver) isn't much better as she's a useless druggie. The family of Dahlia is violent, rude and crude.

    When Wayne fights with one of the family members, they pull a gun on him and the two have a fight on the road with unpredictable circumstances.

    Another family, the Riches, is on their way home when they get sidewipe by the two trailers. Wayne feels initially as does Dahlie but that guilty is removed within second as they decide to take assume the identities of the victims and "steal the American Dream".

    One of those shows that you will either love or hate. This is very realistic though with the characters and as offended as people will react to this show they can't deny the fact that they might do what the Malloy's do.

    As the series goes on, it's itneresting to see how the Maolly's see what the Riches's life is like and see that perhaps being in their shoes isn't much better.
  • The end of the innocence

    The Malloys, conning and stealing family gang choose to take new challenge and live in the suburban community. They do not know that most of the citizens there are even more reckless and rotten than they have believed. In the end the world they have left was brutal but had very strict code and order (which they broke).

    Disturbing for me at first was to see Izzard in a dramatic role. Later he will show some of his standard stand up routines in the office he will work for, but in the pilot it was like a phase shift for me to see him act (good indeed) in a drama. Of course no makeup, well not for him at last.
  • I don't know quite what to make of this show about a family of gypsy grifters (the Malloys), running away from camp life who providentially walk into the life of the man their relatives run off the road while they're on their way to 'somewhere else.'

    I really thought this show was going to be a straight-up comedy, mostly because of Eddie Izzard in the lead role. But this show is much darker and while there are amusing moments throughout, this is very much a dramatic show, so far. I am pleased to see that the writers didn't just dump the family into their new digs without consequences: there's deep intra-and inter-familial turmoil, as newly paroled wife, Dahlia (nicely played by Minnie Driver), balks at the idea of taking on the persona of a "buffer" (their word for the upper middle-class/landed gentry.) It goes against everything she knows. But husband, Wayne (Eddie Izzard), wants something more than life on the bottom rung, and having stolen the camp-family money, they really can't go back home again. So, he decides to become Doug Rich, the fellow who was run off the road by fellow travelers, the Malloys. Doug/Wayne (as well as the rest of the family) begin to learn that life as a buffer has its own structure and if they're not careful, they'll very easily find themselves outcasts again, or in jail!

    Now that I've wrapped my head around the reality of what this show *isn't*, I can get on board to find out what it *is*. I'd like to see what else it has to offer.
  • So far it's all Minnie Driver.

    ... which is not all bad, of course. I was actually surprised when most people put Izzard at the front of the show; well, he was fine, but real power definitely came from Driver. She was amazing in her movie roles so far and I can only see her becoming absolutely huge. Therefore, savour her in the series before she's back on the big screen. As for the premise - I like it. A gipsy-like family enjoying the good but guilt-ridden life... It has all the makings of a good dramedy - and they could really excell at both. We'll see how the actors settle into their roles and in three episodes I'll settle on whether I'll continue watching - but the potential is more than obvious.
  • Stealing the American Dream!

    Just what the world needs! A show that takes belief and suspends it in a 90 degree arc! Eddie Izzard may be playing a Rich, but he's obviously a genius for coming up with this idea! Take a normal American family, albeit a family of con artists, and threaten them with death by other members of their family, then give them a crazy chance at a semi-normal life. If they can convince everyone around them that they really belong that is, all the while hiding from the family who's out to get them. It's a crazy ride, and a real breath of fresh air!
  • I hope this show stays around for a long time.

    This show was an unexpected gift to the audience who found it. Who knew that it would illustrate the best of what television could be - great writing, really solid acting, great production values, characters who promise amazing possibilities of development? Kudos to its developers/producers and cast. I'm hoping it finds an audience because it deserves to stay on air. Unfortunately, few shows of this caliber seem to make it, so I'm loathe to get too attached. (How's that for reverse psychology?) Minnie Driver delivers a performance that left me breathless, as did Eddie Izzard. Shannon Marie Woodward as well as others in the cast were strong enough to hold their own - no mean feat considering the company they're keeping.
  • Darker than previews led on but excellent.

    I only saw a preview or two before watching this and the main attraction was Eddie Izzard. I was very drawn into the episode and felt the plot and the story line was very well done. It was more in-depth story wise than what I was expecting and a lot darker. It felt pretty real to me... the acting was good and even the surreal moments still seemed possible to me. I have set the rest of the season to record and am highly anticipating what the rest of the season will bring! I recommend that everyone give it a try!
  • Not exactly what I was expecting. Considering it is starring Eddie izzard & Minnie Driver I should have known.

    I was expecting a comedy. Eddie Izzard & Minnie Driver just blew me away. It would have been easy to make this a comedy, but to make it a drama is so much more entertaining. I was a little nervous once I realized it would not be a sitcom that I might be able to accept Eddie Izzard in straight drama, but this show is perfect for him. Glad to see he is doing some of the writing. I actually missed the ending because my DVR stopped at 10 & the show ran over, so i am trying again tonight. I can't waiti to see where this series takes us.
  • Something we've seen done before, but... 'The Riches' has Eddie Izzard as a secret weapon.

    With a little sceptism I watched the pilot of this new show, but I couldn't change the channel. Right from the bat - with an Eddie Izzard in optima forma - the show grabbed me and 'til one of Dylan's greatest songs 'Shelter From the Storm' wouldn't let me go.

    First off, Eddie Izzard, who has the leading role, is brilliant. He can carry heavy scenes with Minni Driver (surprisingly believable too) and literately heavy fighting scenes, but totally takes over your television set when he can scam, joke, act and play golf. Good thing he's also involved in the writing. It seems FX has a very good nose when it comes to leading roles, since Michael Chiklis ('The Shield') and Andre Braugher ('Thief') both turned out to be great choices.
    Although the reason the family decides to run might be a bit extreme, the story's in order and it never slows down. And although there are some heavy subjects running in the family it never gets overdramatic or too much. I think I have to thank the excellent supporting cast for that.

    So, off on a very good start, let's see how it's gonna turn out. I'll be watching.
  • Overall feeling of the pilot episode, left me feeling wanting more. Well done.

    I enjoyed the first episode, I will be anxious to see how the characters develope. I would like to get to know them all. I thought Minnie Drivers performance was riveting. All I can say is, so far so good, well done Eddie. It's wierd not seeing him in drag, I kind of miss that.
  • A great start to a great show.

    You know whenever you make fun of someone and your parents tell you how would you like it if you were in thier shoes and lived thier life would it be funny then. This applies to this show in which a con artist and his family, after strange list of events, take over and live someone elses lives with out anyone knowing or suspected a thing. This episode was a great start to a great line of episode in this series, hope it will last, because it kept me laughing from beginning to end but the only down side was the fact of the pace that this episode went. The pace through it off but it didn't affect the whole episode in a whole just certain parts. So now a family of "con artists" are pulling off the con of the century by living the dream life as someone else but all is not perfect in this dream life.

    I give the pilot of Riches a 8.9/10 because it was the pilot episode, the concept and storyline builds up for future episodes to come, left me laughing from credit to credit, but the only downside, like stated above, was the pacing during certain scenes.
  • The Malloy family assumes the identities of the Riches, a family of high societal status.

    Great pilot and a good new series to come to FX! This show holds a lot of promise and potential; like someone else said “It deserves another look.” I The Riches doesn’t seem like so many other shows, it’s fresh and original that is sure to have a lot of great excitement, drama, and suspense.
    We’re all hoping for a great season and one that’s going to keeps us hooked for seasons to come…
  • Good start

    This show start out good it start out with them rideing on a trailer, then got stop by a cop while trying to get there mother home from prison. And the gifts they got for there mother got taken by the police officer.

    Then they wentto there camp and the people welcomed hjome the the mother and had a party. the boss of the town said that there daughter was going to marry a guy witch they didnt really like. And they took there peoples money and ran awya. Then they had a fight with some old friends and the friend was chaseing them on the road, and there was a car crash. some rich people, so they took there lives, since they were going to move in a place for the first time, and not anyone knowing.
  • Great plot, Eddie Izzard is funny, Minnie Driver is convincing and I'm hooked.

    I was a bit skeptical at first, but this looks like a really promising show. I've seen Eddie Izzard act before, but not as convincing or as serious as in The Riches. Minnie Driver, though I'm not her biggest fan, added good drama to the episode and I was pleasantly surprised. The plot in the pilot laid a foundation for a lot of sit-com and nail-biting tension. One of the reasons that I think this is going to be a hit, is because The Riches offers something new. It's like Desperate Housewives without the stupid slapstick, annoying characters and never-ending tales.

    Eddie Izzard proved he can act, the plot outline seems funny and thrilling and I can't wait for the next episode. Another show added to my favorites!
  • I'm an instant fan.

    I first learned of Eddie Izzard purely by chance on Google Video's. Goto google's home page, click video and search for Eddie Izzard, you'll be glad you did. His stand-up is among the best I've ever seen. His brilliant mastery of language and physical comedy should serve him well in this series. I sincerely hope that the show allows him to express himself and not constrain him too much. The Riches is rags to riches with several new twists. It shows depth and the human dilemma which wasn't just tacked on as an after thought. So far a very believable and outstanding performance by Minnie Driver struggling with drug addiction is a good example. I've got to find out the author of that poem near the end of the season premier!
  • I thought it was a great pilot, with an interesting story. So far it looks like the series is going to be good.

    I watched about the first 10 minutes or so, here on about two days ago. I was glad I did, because I totally forgot to turn the show on until about ten minutes into the show. So I didn't miss anything. I was kind of shocked that it wasn't as funny as I had expected, because it was Eddie Izzard, and I have liked his comedy routines. But I thought it worked out as a drama.

    To be honest my favorite part was the beginning. I thought it would be cool if it was a show about a family conning people. In a way it is, but from the opening I thought they would go around the country stealing from people instead of living in suburbia and deceiving the neighborhood. But now I know why the title was The Riches, because that's the family they are impersonating.

    Anywho, I did begin to lose some interest with the whole family party when Dahlia was released on patrol, but when the two RV's were racing down the side of the road, with a gun being pointed out of the window, it quickly regained my interest.

    Now while it may seem a little farfetched (the family impersonating another, and getting away with it, which kind of reminds me of The Talented Mr. Ripley), it is television, and unless it's either the History Channel or National Geographic, it's not going to be entirely realistic.

    So in short, I thought it was a good opener to a series that is sure to blossom into something successful. It may not be as couragous as Nip/Tuck, but FX sure has put out something to rival the popularity of that show.
  • Definitely worth a second look.

    It seems like a movie, which is interesting. I have seen Travelers portrayed before but I have probably not seen so much complexity. It is hard to know exactly when the main characters are fitting into the "normal" Travelers' society and when they are out of step with these people who are out of step with the rest of the country. It is hard to interpret much of what is portrayed. But maybe that won't be important.

    When one character expresses that he wants in on a deal with Eddie Izzard's character, Wayne, the guy gets beat up. The guy is acquainted with Wayne, so it seems like he should have expected to be beat up. Should Wayne have expected what comes next? It's hard to understand how people can live like this. It's unpleasant to watch, but it seems like we won't have to.

    Certain things are too convenient. There is a pond right where they need it. Golf clubs turn up.

    As is common with many pilots, it is hard to know how much attention should be paid to all the characters that are casually introduced.

    I plan to keep watching.
  • I loved this episode.

    When I saw the preview during Dirt (another great FX show) and told myself I had to watch it. It started kinda weird because if someone was stealing your wallet you would feel it. I loved Minnie Driver. It's nice to see her acting again. The kids are interesting to say the least. The daughter has like two personalities (sweet and innocent daughter & rebel. The older son seems lost. I didn't really understand when he fell on the ground when the police came. The youngest son is kinda weird but he's kinda like me so that's why I like him. Overall I think this show has a great concept and i can't wait to see more.
  • The first episode of a new series, and I think I'm going to like it.

    Wayne Malloy, played by British comedian Eddie Izzard, leads a family of traveling thieves ("white gypsies") with the help of his recently paroled wife Dahlia, played by Minnie Driver. They have three children who are glad to dupe and steal for their family. But when the family runs into trouble at the Camp, where they and their vagrant families call home, the Malloys must find another path. After witnessing a road accident, the Malloys steal the identities of the dead couple ditching the car in the Mississippi swamp. Wayne can think of nothing else to do but take over where the Riches left off. A new home and life in a seemling quiet suburban neighborhood seems to be the chance the Malloy family has been waiting for to achieve "The American Dream". The pilot episode gives a look into a life of which many people could not dream. The characters are complex. A man facing the challenges of growing older, pleasing his wife and her family, and trying to make a success of himself. A woman who has spent two years in prison, where she acquired a drug habit and a taste for cough medicine. One wonders if she is as selfish as she seems or if deep down she has trouble expressing love for her children after feeling abandoned by her family in prison. The three children seem entirely at ease with their life, but as we look deeper we find that they are not perfect. The youngest son is a loving cross dresser. The daughter is a sullen teenager who is internally conflicted by the constant bickering of her parents, who truly love each other. The eldest son is the inheriter of the family trade. I am anxious to see how these characters develop. With such an intriguing plot and light humor, I think this show will be around for a while.
  • A decent episode.

    I really like this episode. It feels like that it is adventurous and exploring. Well, I didn't like some of the adult themes, but it is still a decent episode, and it's slightly funny. The only thing I like is the graphic violent scenes and major incidents that is mostly fun for me to watch.
  • Steal All You Can Steal

    Everyone wants The American Dream (TM) and whatever someone is willing to earn it, there's another person who's willing to steal it. Enter The Malloys.

    The Riches is one of the most promising pilots in some time. As a stand-alone episode, it won't set your world on fire, but it definitely leaves you wanting to tune in to see how things will unfold. The writers have dropped these characters into a situation with a great reward and an even greater risk. By the end of the episode, you feel like the characters could lose anything at any second. Yet their decision doesn't seem foolish. The characters make this show and while the kids need a bit more development, Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver provide perfect counterbalances to each other. Izzard is fun, witty, and charming. He's the kind of thief other shows about stealing needed. Theft is a fun job but it's still a job. But he does it with such bravado and flair that you can see why his family loves him. He's also the thief who does stupid things (like stealing from the camp's bank) but always acts in the best interest of his family. One of the show's best moments was when he covers up his young son (who, like Izzard in real life, is a transvestite) to make sure he's unharmed during a fight. He's a thief who puts family first and so while his lifestyle may be exotic, his motives are understandable.

    On the flipside, you have Driver playing a character who would drive the show into ultimate depression and darkness without Izzard. She starts the show coming out of prison with cornrows in her hair and a bit of a heroin addiction (or some substance that needs to be injected into the veins). It's understandable where she's coming from and one gets the impression she was more fun before she was sent away for two years.

    The kids also have potential but the pilot has to set up the premise and the most important characters and The Riches, despite a rough first act, pulls it off with style. This is definitely a show to watch and hopefully once the season ends, FX will have yet another great drama to place alongside The Shield and Rescue Me.
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