The Riches

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on FX

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  • The Malloy's is a family of con-artists, druggies, and lowlifes whose life is about to change when they take the identity of another family.

    Gotta commend FX for being different. "The Riches" is certainly unlike a lot of the other shows that have premiered in the fall and spring. A dark comedy of sorts about a down and out family of con-artists who by bad luck (or is it?) assume the identities of another family of whom they accidently run of the road.

    What a group of whackos this family is. In a way this might be an accurage description of the dysfunctional American family today. You get a father whose a con man, a mother whose a druggie, a son whose gay and the daughter who has trouble making friends. Eddie Izzard is great as Wayne Malloy. As how he tries to find a better life for his family, he can't deliver anything more than mediocrity. Dahlie (Driver) isn't much better as she's a useless druggie. The family of Dahlia is violent, rude and crude.

    When Wayne fights with one of the family members, they pull a gun on him and the two have a fight on the road with unpredictable circumstances.

    Another family, the Riches, is on their way home when they get sidewipe by the two trailers. Wayne feels initially as does Dahlie but that guilty is removed within second as they decide to take assume the identities of the victims and "steal the American Dream".

    One of those shows that you will either love or hate. This is very realistic though with the characters and as offended as people will react to this show they can't deny the fact that they might do what the Malloy's do.

    As the series goes on, it's itneresting to see how the Maolly's see what the Riches's life is like and see that perhaps being in their shoes isn't much better.