The Riches

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on FX



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    • (About the money)
      Wayne: (To Dale) You gonna put it in the safe or whipe your ass with it?
      Dahlia: Be nice, boys.
      Wayne: Something tells me your daddy never told you the combination.
      Dale: He told me how to open it Wayne.
      Wayne: What's the combination Dale? Does it have a two in it? Is it one of those numbers you can count up to?
      Dale: Outside, outside!

    • Dale: Enough with the damn bell daddy! Let's get something straight. He is the old boss, I am the new boss. That man doesn't take a piss without my help! You look at me when I am talking to you.
      Wayne: What the hell did you promise Jenny Danngian?
      Dale: That marriage is good for the whole family. If we can get in bed with the Dannigans, we are in serious kush. It is good for all of us.
      Wayne: It is not good for me.
      Dale: I say, she marries him.
      Wayne: I say you marry him.
      Dale: I had her Wayne! All up in the ass!
      Wayne: Who's this Jenny Dannigan?
      Dale: Your wife!
      Wayne: Oh? And where did all of this ass-having take place?
      Dale: In my room.
      Wayne: Oh, your mama's room? Hey I'll tell ya' where you had it Dale. In your dreams. You lost. I won. Get over it.

    • Hugh: What do you do when you're not pissing on my golf course, Doug?
      Wayne: I'm a lawyer Hugh.
      Hugh: Liar, huh?
      Wayne: Lawyer.
      Hugh: Isn't that what I just said? (chuckles)

    • Wayne: Life is a river, kid. You gotta go where it takes you.

    • Wayne: (goes up to the microphone) Uh, I just wanted to say something. It hasn't been easy for us wildcats. You know. Some have cried, some have died, some fought the battle, some the spike, broken promises, ungrateful children, a bypass surgery, and a bad dose of a clap.

    • Wayne: Oh, my God. Shannon Farmington. Remember...
      Shannon: Jimmy.
      Wayne: Where's Billy Burke?
      Shannon: Billy and I don't talk anymore. Restraining order.
      Wayne: Shame.
      Shannon: It was against me.
      Wayne: Oh.

    • Dehliah: Who's most likely to get married?
      Wayne: Uh, Billy Burke and Shannon Firmington.
      Dehliah: Farmington!
      Wayne: And Shannon Farmington. It was a three-some.

    • Dahlia: We're going home.
      Dehliah: Home?
      Cael: She means camp.
      Dehliah: What about Dad?
      Dahlia: Your dad's staying here.
      Dehliah: Well fine, then I'm staying here too.
      Wayne: Don't be stupid go with your mother.
      Dehliah: She doesn't give a sh*t about me. I'm staying here. If we run into any more trouble, we'll just find ourselves some more dead buffers.
      Wayne: Stop it Deedee.
      Dahlia: (reaching for her arm) Come one baby.
      Dehliah: No, I said I'm staying. Don't push me – I know more than you think.

    • Wayne: This life we're living, we cant live it anymore.
      Dahlia: What kind do you want to live Wayne?
      Wayne: I don't know.
      Dahlia: You should have thought of that before you took the money Wayne.
      Wayne: Maybe.

    • Dahlia: What y'all think about my hair?
      Dehliah: It's different.
      Dahlia: Wow, you've grown up girl… beautiful
      Cael: That's some real bad hair, Ma.

    • Wayne: (to Ginny) Your brother here is a chromosomal retard.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: October 1, 2007 on Virgin 1
      Australia: December 3, 2007 on Showcase
      Denmark: February 27, 2008 on TV3+
      Israel: March 6, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Czech Republic: June 9, 2010 on Prima COOL

    • Featured Music:

      "How We Operate" by Gomez
      "Shelter From The Storm" by Bob Dylan
      "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell
      "Whip It" by Devo
      "Jesse's Girl" by Rick Springfield

    • The youngest Malloy, Sam, likes to wear dresses. Thought to be a nod to Eddie Izzard, who is a cross dresser in real life, show-creator Dmitry Lipkin states, "The idea really came even before Eddie came on board." Izzard has confirmed this, though he says that Sam being a straight transvestite was his suggestion.

    • The show was originally titled Low Life, though the name was changed due to creative reasons.

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