The Riches

Season 1 Episode 6

Reckless Gardening

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on FX
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The Malloys must deal with Ken from the Traveler camp, when he shows up intending to marry Di Di. His presence leads to a family crisis. At Panco, Hugh wants Dahlia to be his personal assistant. He won't let Wayne settle for Hartley Underwood, who's suing the company. Meanwhile, Dale makes his move back at camp.moreless

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  • After the tragic death of the dentist Dahlia turns to another to come to terms with her addictions. Doug wrestles with another Panco lawsuit. The family tries to find a place for Ken from the travelers camp. Meanwhile Di Di gets arrested at school.moreless

    Doug is starting to find a comfort zone when it comes to the lawyer scam. He has learned to rely on Aubrey as his source of info at Panco. He knows he can head back to the college as a guest speaker and let the class bail him out if needed. Overall he sees the potential to succeed where before he was just trying to avoid failing.

    This week he expressed his confidence and enthusiasm in trying to deal with yet another Panco lawsuit. He used Aubrey's nimble hands to find him the dirt he needed to stop Hartley Underwood and the lawsuit dead in it's tracks. A typical pointless Doug speech and a timely interruption by Ken gave Aubrey the moment needed to reveal that Hartley Underwood had changed her name in order to cover up a previous criminal record. This information sent her and her lawyer running. This of course pleased Hugh to no end.

    Dahlia is showing signs of a breakdown and looking for something to do and care about. Last episode she saw where her life could end as she saw the results and effects a drug overdose has on everyone involved. This reality shock has prompted her to seek out Hugh for the job he offered. Initially Hugh thinks this is all about continuing the sexual overtures of their previous encounters. At first Dahlia reverts to greed and takes a little cash, but the confrontation about the money reveals her true desire in all of this. She wants to know how Hugh got off pills, she remembered his comment when he found her taking pills at the party a few episodes back. After giving the money back, Hugh calls her into his office, she comes out with the money. This adds another layer to the character of Hugh... compassion. Dahlia heads out on a shopping spree where the sales clerk finds the pills, almost as a sign of understanding and closure she offers the pills to the girl.

    Ken is sadly inept (but funny) from beginning to end of this episode. He starts out heading to work with Doug and gets sent home, heads to the school and causes more problems. Throughout the episode he is stealing anything he can.

    At the school Di Di gets busted for drugs (the drugs didn't even belong to her) and sent to jail. This could blow everything. Meanwhile Hugh and Doug have their male bonding episode in a steam room all the while getting more and more drunk. Doug sees his phone flashing during a revelation about his childhood. It is Cael; he explains Di Di's plight. Dahlia receives a similar call while on her shopping spree.

    Still quite drunk Doug shows up at the police station with Ken to get Di Di out of jail. Cael expects the worse once he realizes how drunk Doug really is. Just before things get worse Dahlia shows up with a "donation" to the police efforts and the attending officer decides to not put this on Di Di's record.... everyone is safe. Dahlia nearly loses it on her way to the car.

    Meanwhile at the travelers camp: Dale attempts to threaten Ginny Dannegan the conversation reveals that once his daddy passes that he won't be in charge as he once thought. His mother reveals her support/love of him...but his daddy makes the choices for the camp not her. Dale is profiled as a violent, sadistic person throughout his life. The episode ends with a chilling walk out into the open woods well away from the travelers camp. As Dale carries his father, he expresses his love and respect for his father ... then he simply lays his bed ridden father on a mound of dirt and says farewell. Dale knows his fathers death will keep him in place as the leader because his fathers wishes have not been revealed to the camp. As he walks into the shadows his father simply lays there ringing his little I said kinda eerie and chilling.moreless
  • The Malloy’s must deal with Ken when he shows up intending to marry Di Di and Dale makes his move back at camp.

    A great deal of this episode really showed true feelings among some major character: Dale, Wayne, and Dahlia…

    Dale just doesn’t hat Wayne for steeling the money but the fact he’s jealousy towards his brother; for his father might have not loved his as much. As Wayne was working on the Harley Underwood case, it gave us a glimpse in how Wayne’s feelings are about to change towards Hugh. Also this episode was a changing point for Dahlia because she took a step in trying to control her addition to pills and wanting to stop. Lastly, Di Di did try to protect Ken from the other kids putting the drugs in his bag even if it was to keep her families secrete.moreless
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Maree Cheatham


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Red West

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Kathleen Bailey


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Nate Mooney

Nate Mooney

Ken Dannegan

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Nichole Hiltz

Ginny Dannegan

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    • Wayne: I wanna ask your professional opinion about something. Can we get a body in here [the boot]?
      Ken: Sure. (Ken climbs into the boot) Look!
      Wayne: You're right. (Wayne closes the boot, with Ken still in it.)

    • Wayne: Well, I take it your still a virgin?
      Ken: If ya don't count self pleasurin'.

    • Hugh: I didn't create alligators, I'm not God.
      Wayne: No, but you got eight fish and wildlife citations warning you not to build on an alligator habitat.
      Hugh: So maybe she should have thought of that before she went outside and started all of that reckless gardening. Some people are morons, Doug. Don't ever underestimate that.

    • Hugh: Bullshit, you just wanna blow me.
      Dahlia: You're right. I wanna blow you. I wanna blow you so bad, Hugh. Drop your pants. Come on now, don't be shy. Drop your pants… so I can take a picture of your little ol' ding dong for my sexual harassment lawsuit! That way I don't ever have to work again!

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Neopatrný úklid (Careless Cleaning)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 5, 2007 on Virgin 1
      Australia: January 1, 2008 on Showcase
      Denmark: April 2, 2008 on TV3+
      Israel: April 10, 2008 on YES Stars 2
      Czech Republic: June 17, 2010 on Prima COOL