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  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The Riches is the most recent TV show I've been watching from my Netflix que, and I have one question. How in the world could they cancel it!? More people watched the premier of The Riches than ever watched an episode of the Shield or Rescue Me. It's also got to be one of the most creative shows I've ever seen!

    The show centers around the Molloy family, a family of modern day gypsies. Today is a big day for them as the matriarch of their family is being released from jail, after serving a two year sentence. A big party is thrown for her and all seems well in the Molloy family, but things aren't what they seem. The Molloy family is forced to leave their camp. Wayne (Eddie Izzard) is not going empty handed thou. Before leaving he cracks the camp leaders safe and takes a substantial amount of money.

    Once on the road, they run into another family from camp, that had been oblivious to what was going on. It doesn't take them long to realize something isn't right, but before they can confront them, the Molloy's take off and a big highway RV chase begins. During the chase a passing motorist and his wife are killed. The man and woman are Doug and Shrine Rich, and they are on their way to a new home in Eden Falls.

    Doug was a savvy lawyer, who made a fortune at the expense of others. On this day he and his new wife were on the run also, moving away from everyone and everything they've ever known to move to a new state and into a new house they bought on the internet. Thanks to paper work in the car, Wayne Molloy quickly realizes who these people were and where they were going. It is then that he decides it's time to stop travelling the country and settle into a nice, normal, "buffer", lifestyle. Living in Eden Falls as Doug and Shrine.

    Along with their 3 kids, the Molloy's try to adapt from being a family of travelers to a family of wealth and stability. The show is amazing! There are so many twist and turns, cons and jokes, ups and downs, It's so well written , with an outrageous cast of characters, and most important of all, a storyline I promise you have never seen before! The show was cancelled by FX in late 2008, but both seasons are available on Netflix, and according to Wikipedia, Eddie Izzard and the show's creator are currently working on a full length feature film. If you want something different crossing comedy, drama, and action, then I'd say The Riches are for you!
  • A family of travellers

    This show is one of the most intriguing and frustrating that I have ever watched. The actors do a fantastic job (I'm not an Eddie Izzard fan, but he is not without talent), Minnie Driver offers a performance unlike any I have ever seen. Although I find her accent to be one of the most grating parts of the show. The youngest child plays his part to perfection, with enough mystery to not make it a cliche and the type of childhood understanding that so often seems so forced. The two older children do well enough, but are really never given anything to do. The boss brings the most outrageous performance but his motives are illogical and are never explained other than conveniences for the part.
    Every episode leaves me unsatisfied and outraged about the combination of unrealistic circumstances and character flaws that lead to mistake after mistake. The plots are infuriating and even when things are going well there is this underlying sense of despair that radiates this show.
    I really wish it had been given time to develop because it draws a very strong reaction but leaves more questions than anything else.
  • The american dream can be taken whenever you want.

    I didn't like so much the first episode of the series, but I decided to keep watching because I saw a lot of potential in this show. Maybe the very first episode finds you completely unprepared on travellers' culture and lifestyle and that's why you're not sure if it's going to be a really good or a really bad show. It turns out already in the second episode that it's a great series, an amazing story with incredible characters and a whole new world to discover. After a while you find yourself thinking about this confortable and clean life you're kind of stuck in, and you realize that the american dream is not such a sweet dream; it looks a lot more like a war you have to fight every day, and the hardest fight is the one against yourself. If you're looking for a comic and full of laughs series this is not the best to pick up, but I hardly recommend it if you want to see a well written show!
  • Can the American Dream be bought?

    This show had an interesting premise from the beginning; could the American dream be bought? Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver star as Wayne and Dahlia Malloy, the parents of three children who are modern day gypsies. While on the road, there is a altercation with another traveler family and the eponymous Riches are killed. Wayne and Dahlia become the Riches and thus the series is born. The first season saw the Malloy's adjusting to life outside of the RV, while the second season was a fight to keep it. The series ended before a resolution or a series finale, which is unfortunate because this series was truly original.
  • An engaging drama. Though the premise was hard to relate to, the struggle to be more than you are is uplifting. Pair great actors to well-written characters and this was a solid show. It's no Firefly or Journeyman, but I still can't fathom why it was cut.

    The Riches was an addicting drama. Sure, the premise was borderline absurd, but I never had trouble suspending my disbelief because of the tight scripts and quality acting.

    At the center of the story was the struggle for redemption and the idea that a normal life is worth fighting for – an uplifting sentiment that seems even more relevant this year than last. One must wonder why they chose to cut it this year. At the very least, it was worthy of one more season to tie up the orderly threads. I imagine fans would have been satisfied while a topical perspective would have drawn in new viewers. As it was left, not only is curiosity not satisfied, but the moral of the entire series is left ambiguous do to the absence of resolution.

    The characters were, at times, a little too colorful, but every one of them was accessible and the family members were all motivated by believable and consistent traits. I for one will miss having a weekly dose of Eddy Izzard (Wayne Malloy) and Shannon Woodward (Di Di Malloy), who consistently pleased with her consistent performance as the the heart of the family.

    It's no Firefly or Journeyman, but I still can't fathom why The Riches weren't given a chance to settle down on their own terms.
  • The Riches is a dark comedy about a family of travelers who pretend to be the Riches living in a gated community. They have to use all of their con skills to pull this one off, but the question is whether or not it will pull them apart.

    This show is not only well written, but well acted in. Eddie Izzard is just stupendous, and Minnie Driver plays Dahlia like no one else could. The show isn't just about travelers, it's a metaphor for the lies in all of our lives, and how hard it can be to pretend to be something you're not. One of the biggest travesties is that FX is on the fence about whether or not to make a season three. If the Riches ends where it is now, we'll never see whether or not they pulled it off. This show has a heart at the base of everything, and as it is now, that heart is in jeopardy. To cancel this show would be the biggest mistake since the canceling of Firefly.
  • The Most Original Family Drama on Televison.

    Wayne (Eddie Izzard) and Dahlia (Minnie Driver) are con artists (mor specifically, Irish Travellers) who are doing everything they can to raise their children right. When the perect opurtunity falls into their laps, the gypsies assume the lives of "The Riches" and realize the grass is not always greener. While trying to avoid their past, as well as the people in their new lives, it becomes increasingly hard to keep up the charade. Sooner or later, the masks will come off. Untill they do, Wayne will do whatever he can to keep his wife away from meth and give his kids the opputunities he never had. Sure it's far-fetched and a little hard to swallow, but that's part of the fun! A show with heart that doesn't take itself too seriously. Very rare in today's world of modern dramas. A show that can make you laugh and cry at the same time.
  • The Riches follows the escapades of the Malloy family, who become the Riches after stealing their identities and life and trying to live and steal the american dream.

    The Riches have to live day to day by their own wits, they have to use their travelling family ethos of always being one step ahead and living by the seat of their pants, without falling too much into the Buffer way of life, which will obviously lead them to being soft, soppy and pathetic.

    They have to continually find that inner strength in order to maintain that family bond, whilst at the same time trying to be individuals, dealing with all the challenges that face the buffer family on a day to day basis.

    Like any family, they are all trying to hide their own secrets and nightmares, whilst trying to maintain a level of sanity, but as an extra pressure the 3 children just can't be themselves, as this would result in their true identities being discovered and then they all would be ousted from the community they have become accustomed to.
  • A great storyline.

    The riches is an original show with great characters. They are likable and thay are trying to adjust to their new way of life. Actually the show tells drama of a family, they are not rich, they could never dream of living in such a luxurious style but with the help of a lot of luck, now they have a chance but they should always pretend to be someone else while they really need to be themselves. With funny situations, the show entertains me a lot and the character, doug rich is my favourite because he knows what to everytime and the riches is going pretty good.
  • The Odd Family! Truly original! Funny, unpredictable, and....

    Funny, unpredictable, and downright awesome! Like Dexter this show is truly a god send, something great unlike most of the mind numbing dribble out these days. Sexy and smart this show is so well written this show takes the cake! Always enjoyable and always some great twists around every single corner. This shows the true depths of the survival instincts of a family. I love this show almost as much as Dexter and J pod because unlike reality TV there is some thinking involved. Is there no problem Eddie Izzard aka Wayne cant get out of with his smooth talking or ideas? I think not!
  • I can't get enough of this show. The Riches is awesome. The actors are out of this world!

    The Riches is TV that I look forward to seeing each week. It is exciting, different and has some of the best actors on television. The show has spunk, it is interesting, entertaining and keeps you on your toes. You root for the Irish Travelers to keep the American Dream but at the same time you don't want them to change their Irish Traveler ways. Minnie Driver delivers a great performance, not only is she comical but completely believable and creates a character with such depth. Eddie Izzard is exceptional, his acting talent is so great, nothing about the performances feel forced or faked. The entire cast has great acting abilities and flawless chemistry. Hope to see this one on for seasons to come.
  • I fell in love with the show!

    I fell in love with the show, so now I dread the thought of it being cancelled. Not because it looks like it is going to be cancelled, but because the cretin networks always disappoint and shock me when they all of a sudden decide that a show "won't go on". I was thinking to stop watching TV altogether after a few cancellations because there was nothing more to see at some point. The latest disaster was the cancellation of The 4400; a show with a cult status and a huge fun base!!! It is still unthinkable. So, that is why I hate the fact that The Riches is so perfect. It is TOO good to last in an era of reality TV and unimportant nobodies becoming celebrities. Because there is a big percentage of people who prefer to watch someone vomiting on TV, or a stupid screaming baby pooping on TV, than watching real actors with immense talent, doing spectacular work on screen, with beautiful dialogues and impeccable humour. This is The Riches! A gem that I am afraid is not going to last very long because the pimp networks make more money out of reality TV prostitution.
  • Love this show. It is fresh and always entertaining. Unique concept and the actors are excellent. I can't wait to see the new shows coming up!!!

    I think Eddie is great in this. He is a wonderful charming actor. Minnie gives a very believeable performance in this show. The kids are really fantastic actors also. All the "Riches" are likeable characters even though they are actually living a lie. They seem to be able to accept the way things are turning out. I think the show is really refreshing and new like a breath of fresh air. The stories are unusual with odd situations. I think the way they get out of tight situations is really good writing. There is not anything I do not like about the show. I hope it stays on for a very long, long time!!!
  • The Riches

    I love Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver. The plot is exceptional, and twists and turns so you never know what comes next. I'm afraid if I say I like it to much they will cancel it! It always seems to happen that way. Eddie Izzard is the most creative comedian I've seen in a long time, and that includes my own comedian son! Tbere is something so unconventional about this show that I can't stand to miss an episode. It's one of the greatest shows FX has done! Way to go! Hoping to attend Eddie's show in Las Vegas. With the Riches being renewed, he's sure to grab a big audience, especially in Las Vegas.
  • Love The Riches !! ... ;*

    I live in Iceland and we didn't get The Riches until this summer, and it aired first in the USA in March!... Well anyways I just love this show I have downloaded the whole series... I love the storyline and the plots and just everything about it, the actress Minnie Driver I loved her on Will&Grace as Karen's husband mistress :D... and I think the whole deal with the grandmother of the dead guy, she doesn't notice a thing whats going on!!... Well that's it, I don't have anything more to say.

    Thank You For Reading This . Joel Dan, Iceland
  • One of the strangest, but best shows on tv

    I had low expectations for this show... i thought it would be a boring sit-com meets drama... then I watched it... boy was I wrong... admittedly, it is a comedy-drama... but the scripting and directing keep it from falling into a formulaic slump... I mean, based on basic premise, I couldn't think of too many things they could do to keep it fresh... but they have! New plot developments interweave with old... not only does the family have to worry about external issues (like keeping a job they have no clue how to perform, keeping their real identities secret, etc) but internal as well (Dahlia's meth addiction, Cal wanting to be a Traveler while Dee wants to be normal, etc.) Often, both hit the family at once, or directly lead from one to the other... the acting is great, writing great, and directing is great... over-all I think this is one of the best-crafted shows on tv.
  • 2006-2007's best drama TV program...

    Really, it is a good tv program. When I watch this, I become energic and upset. Because sometimes it is very funny, sometimes it is very dramatic. Cast of this tv program is very good. All of the stars and co-starts are very talented. My favourite actor is Gregg Henry (Hugh Panetta). He is very funny and smart. Also Eddie Izzard (Wayne Malloy) is very good. I think Mini Driver (Dahlia) is the weakest link in the chain. But she is funny and sometimes she can be right about decisions. Their children are very interesting. Their father says; "I have 3 children, a daughter, a boy and bla bla bla" on the summary part. Because his little son hasn't choosed his sex. He is wearing his older sister's stuffs and he is walking on streets on her clothes. I think it is associated with producer of movie. Eddie Izzard also has some trouble with his choice. During first season, they were lucky. They used to live in a rich place. But at the end of the first season they had to move their RV. But their RV didn't work because their cousin Dale stole a part from engine. Also he has disabled Peter (real rich guy's budy). And we start to wait second season, intensively. I watched all episode of this wonderful program. Every episode was splendid. If anyone who hasn't been watched this, he/she should watch immediately. Because when second season starts they can follow new episodes directly.
  • Typical, almost not worth it to watch

    Well when I started watching the Riches, I expected a drama. But what I didn't expect was a family of con artists getting away with murder. The show seems to totally approve of leaving two people dead missing in a forest, and they never go back or feel guilty. It's kind of disturbing... the show is some kind of drama and how a family of con artists weasel their way in to pretending to be rich. They get extremely lucky, and unfortunately they get random visits from white trash planning to ruin their perfect con I guess, I can't see where this show is going... it makes no sense. Who cares if they are getting away with pretending to be rich? It isn't funny most of the time the way it's trying to be because they are stealing and cheating... I don't see how that can be funny. Every episode they try to be snakes and weasel something else, or trick someone, and while that may be interesting to some people, it can't be for very long. There isn't much keeping me watching... I'm only doing it because I want to see how they handle their old family. Which I can pretty much guess how it will all turn out.
  • Modern-day Gypses run across the opportunity of a lifetime - the ability to stay put. Watch it once and you'll be hooked on the characters, their plight and the dark humor that ensues.

    This is a smart, funny but realistic show the forces us "buffers" of the world to remember why we conform in the first place. When a band of modern-day Gypses find home in wealthy but nosy America, the dark humor is unleased as the patriarcal figure attempts to support his family in a way never conceived by any of them. Eddie Izzard is the glue that holds together this disfunctional yet completely quasi-typical family. Minnie Driver has just the right balance between a snake-tongued trailer park girl and the vulnerable mother attempted to kick the drugs that have made her so fragile. The children are amazing characters, trying to deal with adolescent tramas (sex, gender identity, popularity) while also adjusting to a new, and sometimes not-so-welcome, "normal" life. Watch it, you'll love it, and if possible catch a marathon or at least the first episode which explains the set up. Enjoy!
  • What is the world coming too? First we give a Academy Award to a movie about Homosexuality now we praise a show about not turning in 2 deaths. Actually hiding the fact that 2 people are dead and we are STEALING their lives. Morality: a thing of history

    What is the world coming too? First we give a Academy Award to a movie about Homosexuality now we praise a show about not turning in 2 deaths. Actually hiding the fact that 2 people are dead and we are STEALING their lives. I know they did not kill the Riches but hiding it makes them as guilty as those who were in the hit and run motorhome. Am I actually alone in feeling a bit of outrage at the subject matter of this show? Have we actually let our morale value drop to such a level that we no longer care what we let our children watch? And those who think up this do they have children? Would they let their children watch this? Morality: a thing of history
  • Show is amazing. Its is very intuitive and different. Have not seen a show like this that can keep me on the edge of my seat week after week.

    This show is absolutley amazing. It is funny, yet serious, yet informative. I love all the plots and twists you get with every episode. I am always wanting more after it is over. I cannot wait until season 2. I have basically reschduled my life so I can be home to watch the riches every monday night. My husband are huge Eddie Izzard fans and Minnie Driver is extraordinary. This show is the best thing to come along since I can remember and hopefully will continue to be on for many more seasons.
  • omfb (oh my flipin bob) 4 gold stars

    i love this show i watch it EVERY monday night it has to be the best show i have every watch. althought am only 15 and none of my friends wathc i still love. it keeps me goin, fing out if they r ever goin to get cought or not. i hope not i like the little dude/girlsam he/she is soooooo swee, and dahuil she is my fav........ but umm well i hpoe the show nevers ends!!!!
  • okay show: long review

    Fueled by regret and ambition, the Malloy family is seeking a shinier identity. ''I'm going to get us the life we deserve, whether we want it or not,'' proclaims patriarch Wayne Malloy (British comedian Eddie Izzard). FX's The Riches is the most precise of the spate of dramas addressing the American quest for constant improvement and boundless materialism. On HBO, The Sopranos has Carmela's terrified money-squirreling; Big Love's plural family is crushed by credit-card debt. Showtime's Weeds forces a suburban mom into drug dealing to maintain her upscale lifestyle. They're all clever thrusts at the costs of consumerism. But The Riches — which wraps its first season on June 4 — is even more excruciating and fascinating: The Malloys are Travellers, Irish-American gypsies working scams in the Deep South. Inherent outsiders, Wayne, his wife, Dahlia (Good Will Hunting's Minnie Driver), and their kids have gone way inside, assuming the identities of a deceased family — the Riches — in an exclusive McDevelopment called Edenfalls.

    The Riches is only loosely interested in the culture of the Travellers — codes and traditions surface here and there, but it'd be nice to see more. Instead, it's primarily concerned with the true cost of upward mobility. Wayne, conning his way into a job as a high-stakes lawyer, finds himself jammed into an alien conformity. (One of The Riches' many ironies is that the once-rootless Wayne works for a real estate firm — and one that discriminates against outsider types.) Dahlia, newly released from prison, rebounding from meth addiction, is trying to shift into a life that requires more deceit than her old grifter existence ever did. Young son Sam (Aidan Mitchell), a kid who's most comfortable in dresses and lip gloss, finds himself crammed into suits — clipping on an occasional barrette for comfort. The weight on this family is palpable; just keeping their new lifestyle afloat is overwhelming. ''Is that what's going to be on my tombstone: Here lies a guy who came up with $19,876.74 a month?'' asks Wayne.

    The Riches is a crystalline look at our current societal tug-of-war: We're encouraged to scale back, simplify, live contentedly...but also demand the absolute best for ourselves and our families. The drama is also an acting showcase: Driver is heartbreaking as a woman trying to mend a broken spirit in bewildering surroundings; Izzard gives a tense, spirited performance as a guy too sharp for his old life and too decent for his new one; and Margo Martindale is a gem as a boisterous neighbor with sorrows of her own. In fact, everyone on The Riches has private sadnesses to brave, which ultimately makes the show a wellspring of empathy — for insiders, outsiders, and in-betweeners
  • come and see the riches If you are a fan of drama, comedy, and action – this is the show for you

    The Riches is simply one of the best shows on television. If you are a fan of drama, comedy, and action – this is the show for you. The Riches stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver as a family of gypsies who steal the American Dream. The dialogue is Awsome and the acting is superb. If you haven't seen the pilot yet, don't wait another minute! Once you watch the first 5 minutes, you'll be hooked. There's a magic to the show, one that steals your heart and leaves you wanting more. It's compelling television in a sea of crap programs. I can't wait until the next Season!!! Eddie and Minnie make a dynamic Team; the soundtrack is eloquent and inspired. many thanks to FX for bringing America a show with complexity, character, and spirit.
  • Gypsies, tramps, and thieves... make for a really good show.

    I think this show is really very good. The cast is very well put together, and work well with each other. I am a big Minnie Driver fan, and this show just accentuates the reasons why. She's incredible. She can even sing in a strange accent! The episodes consisting of elaborate cons are really engaging and keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering if they can pull it off. Unfortunately, there aren't enough of these. Season one has given us a very good foundation, with many options open for season two, and future seasons, but I am concerned we'll end up with the same situations over and over.
    When it's all said and done, I would encourage anyone to take time to sit down and enjoy it.
  • Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver are two of the most intelligent people on the planet. I love both of them. I hope that the young people in the cast appreciate the wonderful karma that has brought them to be able to work with these people

    Just Brilliant! Leave it to the Brits (and Brits downunder) to show Amerika her true self.

    I am a huge Britcom fan and rarely watch US TV. Thank you both for giving us something watchable.

    I would love to see you both cast as Ma and Pop Larkin in "Darling Buds of May". I think you will both understand what I mean, even though my fellow Amerikans won't. Much, much love,
  • This is the best show my husband and I have ever watched!!! Please, please keep it on. It is witty, entertaining. You never know what is going to happen next!

    My husband CMDR. R.L says " you have the power to keep it on! So do it! Because the CMDR. says he knows power...We love all the characters-especially Minnie Driver! Give your writers a raise! They deserve it!
    We tell all our friends about this unique and different show. It is so witty. I am a columinst and watch this quirky wonderful show!!!!
    I'd advise anyone that has an IQ to watch. This is real entertainment~~~It's better than the movie Network! We also liked Men In Trees, Dead Like me & Ed but I think this has it beat!!!!Thank you a lot!!!
  • I can't quite categorize this show. I thought it would be a comedy, but it hasn't been very comical. It's really not a drama though either. I was really hoping I would like this show, but I really haven't.

    I really thought I would like this show. I wanted to like it, I tried to like it, but I just don't like it. I don't hate it, and will watch it if nothing else is on, but I definitely don't like it.
    I thought it's a comedy. I expected a comedy. Given the situation (what with a conman and his gypsy family), it seemed like it would be a comedy. But you know what? It really hasn't been very funny.
    It's not a drama either. There are some drama-esque moments, but it wouldn't make it on TNT. I'm never grasped by the show's depth.

    So, what is this show then? I don't know what it is and that's part of the problem. That and the fact that the show is simply not engaging.

    It's definitely an adult show - there's no confusion as to that aspect. There's very strong language and partial nudity. This is of course ok; it's clearly aimed at an older audience, but the above mentioned problems make the show unable to hold the attention of adults for long.
  • A family of travellers comes into an AMAZING amount of money and luxury as they become...dunna nuh!!! THE RICHES!!! lmao

    Sam=Sam I am Loving this show!! I've only ever missed one episode! but I got caught up on that lol. The Riches is unlike anyother show in a way that it's like there are two cast. One cast for the Malloys..and One for The Riches. Its very captivating, quickly becoming one of my top five!I like Wayne/Dougs smoothness about the whole thing, how you can tell he's nervous but at the same time he's on his toes about everything. I wish Chunky K would have stayed..she wouldnt even have had to be the maid, Dahlia/Cherienes plan of getting her a job was great..but I know where Wayne/Doug was coming from, she wasnt exactly trustworthy...anyway...The Riches=AWESOME lol
  • crazy

    The Riches is unlike anything else on tv. I love the orginality that comes with the show. what other shows tell the tale of a family that knows how and when to con and desides to pretend to be a family that was killed. The hot and steamy parents are alittle too-much-for-tv. The daughter always has smart remarks, and plays a good part for love interests. The older boy is more rebelous, and the youngest boy that likes to dress up as a girl adds a funny twist. Its controversal, funny, crazy, dramatic and thrilling. and i love every minute of it.
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