The Riches

FX (ended 2008)


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  • A family of travellers

    This show is one of the most intriguing and frustrating that I have ever watched. The actors do a fantastic job (I'm not an Eddie Izzard fan, but he is not without talent), Minnie Driver offers a performance unlike any I have ever seen. Although I find her accent to be one of the most grating parts of the show. The youngest child plays his part to perfection, with enough mystery to not make it a cliche and the type of childhood understanding that so often seems so forced. The two older children do well enough, but are really never given anything to do. The boss brings the most outrageous performance but his motives are illogical and are never explained other than conveniences for the part.
    Every episode leaves me unsatisfied and outraged about the combination of unrealistic circumstances and character flaws that lead to mistake after mistake. The plots are infuriating and even when things are going well there is this underlying sense of despair that radiates this show.
    I really wish it had been given time to develop because it draws a very strong reaction but leaves more questions than anything else.
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