The Riches

Season 2 Episode 1

The Last Temptation of Wayne

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2008 on FX
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Episode Summary

On the behest of Wayne, Dahlia and the children hit the road with Cherien's mother and Nina, who has decided to leave Eden Falls. Wayne stays behind to clean up the mess created by Pete Mintzy. Meanwhile, Hugh offers Wayne a part of a lucrative land deal.moreless

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  • Expect the unexpected when Wayne stays behind to take care of unfinished business and Dahlia and the kids make a feeble attempt to head to Mexico.

    The Riches is one of those rare shows that manages to keep the stories full of realistic plot twists. The ensamble cast delivers some of the best dialogue on tv.

    Wayne faces a night of unexpected complications when he stays behind to tie up some loose ends. Dale complicates matters by killing Pete, leaving Wayne to decide what to do with the body. Wayne literally runs into Hugh, who needs a shoulder to cry on after his bride tosses him out of the house. Dale ends up getting an earful when he overhears Hugh's new business deal that assures Wayne a huge payout. Dahilia, Nina, and the kids have problems of their own when they find themsleves stranded in Blunt, TX with no money and a dehydrated grandmother. Dahlia and the kids find their con skills put to the test, which mixed results.

    Wayne ends up making a deal with Dale to keep the Riches alive while Dahlia must rely on her wits when they are caught stealing a van. There was never a dull moment and the well crafted script keeps you on the edge, waiting for more. The Malloys may not be your typical american family but they are a family worth watching.moreless
  • season premiere.....wayne stays behind to simplify the situation and ends up complicating it

    Great season premiere, i've really missed this show.... :-D :-D :-D............Nina finally escapes her sad and lonely life with jim to elsewere with dahlia and the kids. in the meanwhile Wayne stays behind to try and tie up lose ends, ends up worsening the situation with more confusion, when he backs ''his'' car into Hugh and after finding out about the death of Pete..... Oh and by the way, the got rid of that lame intro, finally, and made an improved new one :D :D.

    all in all, a great episode, and a great series premiere with excellent preparing for whats to come.moreless
  • A stellar star to a short season

    The Riches opened up with a thorough primer on what happened last season. Which is fine, because there are quite a few details to remember. But once the viewer is re-capped, the action takes off; and it doesn't stop until the credits roll.

    Oftentimes, I say that one of the major factors of good movies or television is when the writers plot realistically--the end result of which is an unpredictable storyline. The Riches has this in spades. There's a scene in this episode where "Doug" hits someone with his car . . . and this scene drew an obscenity out of my mouth. It takes a lot to do that.

    The writers of the Riches also have an uncanny ability to ratchet up the tension far beyond what you could ever imagine. It is realism and it is unpredicable. The dialogue is superb (if cheesy, at times) and the acting is phenomenal.

    This episode is a wonderful, fast paced, unpredictable start to the second season of a wonderful series. It seems that the show has been tightened up a bit. Hopefully it will stay that way.moreless
  • Dahlia and the kids skip town while Wayne stays behinds not knowing what awaits him in the Rich house.

    "Mutually assured destruction"-Dale to Wayne. LMAO

    (Spoilers are included so don't read if you don't want to know what happens)

    Well we get a nice summary of what happened last season to catch people up on the Riches. Dahlia and Wayne have assumed the role of the Rich family to steal a better life. However, not everything has gone according to plan. The Rich's friend Pete has figured them out. Worse yet, Dale

    wants a piece of the cake.

    In this episode if it hasn't been made clear Dale makes his terms known he wants to be Wayne's partner in stealing a better life.

    Dale beats up Pete thinking he's only knocked him out. Dale, however, has killed Pete.

    Wayne has gone back to the house to give Dahlia and the kids

    a headstart in case the police are coming.

    Hugh shows up drunk and crying about his wife. Eventually cooler head prevails and Hugh tells Wayne, er Mr. Rich about the Bayou Hills plan which stands to make them both rich.

    A cop shows up at the house and all three of them:Dale, Hugh, Wayne manged not to jail. However, Wayne and Dale still have to deal with the dead Pete and what exactly will Dale's payoff be with Wayne is shown in the previews.

    Dahlie and kids end up in a city called Blunt. Everything goes great until Cal decides to steal a truck from a cowboy whose caught in the act and he's packing a gun. That's where the episode ends.

    You go from one nightmare to a nightmare with the family at a crossroads not knowing whether to reassume their deceitful rules as the Rich family. Of course there wouldn't be a second season without it still it was hilarious to see how things would play out. This is just the beginning. Wayne now has to deal with Dale whose probably going to squeeze Wayne for what he is worth as Doug Rich.

    It'll be interesting to see as well how well they keep Pete's death a secret while Wayne and the family once again try to maintain the Rich life for themselves.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Cael scolds Dahlia for taking the toolbox out of the trunk, she says that she took it out for Sam's books. But when she puts the books in the trunk (the night before), she took out a box of clothes.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Dahlia: Hey, you got any credit cards?
      Nina: I left them. I left all my credit cards and cash.
      Dahlia: You run away without a penny?
      Nina: Yeah. I thought it'd be more fun. You know, kind of living of the earth. (Laughs)

    • (Hugh about the ring that his wife didn't like)
      Hugh: So I pulled it off and threw it in the toilet. I think it broke.
      Dale: The toilet?
      Hugh: No! The finger!

    • Sam: I don't want to go to Mexico.
      Dahlia: Well it's either that or prison so adios amigos and freakin' cucaracha.

    • (Sam shows them the 40 grand Dahlia hid in the forest)
      Dahlia: Where did you get this?
      Sam: In the woods where you buried it.
      Dahlia: You has this all along without telling us?
      Sam: I was saving it for a rainy day.
      Dahlia: Oh my God. When uncle Earl died and your dad had to break in Hugh's office so that Dale wouldn't kill him...that wasn't rainy enough for you?
      Sam: Not as rainy as this.

    • Dahlia: And let that be your comeuponce.
      Di Di: Mama, I think the word is comeuppance.
      Dahlia: What are you, the word police? You shut your pie hole.

    • Dahlia: We're gonna pull in the next town, we're gonna dump this piece of shit, and Cael's gonna steal us a new car 'cause that's what he does and that's what we do!

  • NOTES (3)