The Riches

Season 1 Episode 7

Virgin Territory

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2007 on FX
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Stunned by the news of Earl's death, a grieving Dahlia and her family head back to camp, where Dale looks to settle old scores with Wayne, while Ginny schemes to tie the knot between Di Di and Ken.

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  • Dahlia learns the hard way that her family -- travelers, that is, not Wayne and the children -- will manipulate, betray and even kill without conscience.

    This episode showed strong and surprising character development in a plot full of twists and unexpected shocks.

    Dahlia's gradual realization that Dale actually killed Earl gave her new insight into the cutthroat world she is starting to leave behind. Although she had called Wayne a 'half-breed', not a true traveler, I think she now realizes that bridging the gap between the gypsy world and mainstream American culture is the ethos of her character. She will never leave it behind, of course, but she now knows that pining for the traveler life is a foolish ideal. She can have the best of both worlds in her current situation.

    The most moving thread in this episode, though, was Ken's. Not just confessing he was a virgin, but standing up for Didi and her family against his mother. His depth of feeling for Didi was astonishingly pure and honest. I think her respect for hime shot up as a result.

    The thought of Earl trying to crawl home was heartbreaking. It will be interesting to see how his wife reacts when she inevitably finds out. Her rejection of Dahlia will be a shame for her.

    I loved the way tension of the shooting stand-off resolved with the big lug (forget his name) shooting his wife in the shoulder. Hilarious! And so satisfying.

    Pivotal, I say. This was a time not just to say good-bye to Earl, but to the 'family' of travelers and to move on. No doubt the Riches will continue to be haunted by them, but I think the whole family has just had the kick they needed to embrace their new life and not treat it as a short-term venture. There will be lots of cons, of course, but I don't see them going back home any time soon, if ever.

    What a great story!moreless
  • The Malloys head back to camp for Earl's funeral while Dale and Ginny look to settle some old scores.

    An average episode which finds the Malloy's heading out of Edenfalls and back to camp for the funeral of Dahlia's uncle, Earl. Before heading to Camp, Wayne and Cal break into Hugh's house and steal 40,000 to give to the Dunniger's as restitution for Wayne's earlier theft.

    Wayne is confronted by Mick and his wife while Dale seeks to settle an old score with Wayne. Ginny insists that Ken marry DiDi. While the wedding takes place, it isn't consumated. Ken, wanted to get out from Ginny's watchful eye, vows to protect DiDi back in Edenfalls. Dale also decides whether or not to stay at camp now that Ginny has taken his place as head of the family.

    The story managed to tie up a few loose ends from the pilot but the action was slow at best.moreless
  • The Malloys escape (again), DiDi’s still single, Dale’s still alive, and Ken's now official protector of the “Rich” family, at least until Dale may or may not kill him. Here’s hoping Ken makes it out alive. Who else will strangle Ginny in her sleep?moreless

    Great episode! The tension was high all the way to the end. With all that gun play, you would think someone important would get shot. But nope. And why not? Because of an ink pen. I’ll explain later.

    The opening, with Dahlia genuinely upset really pulled you into her character. I think that this was her episode, despite all the purposely imperiling plot points. I’m glad that the Malloys went with her. They really are a family, and you can feel the love they have for each other, even when they’re arguing (which is often).

    Make a note: If a horny 17 year-old inappropriately spies on you, and then hits on you, don’t punch him. Tell him why what he did was wrong, and deflate his ego a bit. Dahlia’s hilariously blunt honesty really endeared me to her for the first time in that scene. That was just fantastic, from beginning to end. Classy, too.

    Anyway, Susan, Earl’s widow, proved herself to be not only dumb as a post (last week’s “Socio-wha?"), but also to be a huge rampaging hypocrite. It’s okay for Dale to kill his father, her husband, but Wayne steals some money, and now you hate his guts? Whatever, grandma.

    Ah, Ken and DiDi. Those two are the real heroes of this piece. So, Ginny, Ken’s sister, orchestrates the wedding between the two, and of course, if DiDi doesn’t go through with it, she’ll call the cops. Because she’s a b**ch that way, you see. As the wedding begins, we’re shown three separate stories (two with guns, and one with a wedding dress).

    I’ll be honest, Wayne’s story just didn’t interest me that much. When the nagging red-headed wife was shot, and he just picked up the gun and walked away, I was satisfied. This was only filler to me. Long story short, the husband wants in, the wife wants cash, and both of them are criminals, same as the Malloys.

    So, Ken and DiDi are standing on the alter, and I’m holding my breath, strung-out because of the gun-pointing jump cuts, and the priest asks her if she agrees to marry Ken. And what does she say? Let’s just say that I yelled, “Yes!” and pumped my fist and now she is totally my hero. “What the h*ll is wrong with you people?!” indeed. Go DiDi!

    Now, Dahlia. People keep saying that they don’t get why Dahlia didn’t kill Dale, or that she only did it to scare him, or that it was just a big letdown. PAY ATTENTION!!! Dahlia told Dale to pack a bag and write a note. A note saying he was leaving, if the packing was any indication. But Dahlia wasn’t going to let Dale go, guys. She was going to KILL HIM and make it look like he’d left, or perhaps had an accident, or maybe even committed suicide. Depending on what she would have had him write in the note.

    Would have? YES! Dale didn’t get to write the note, because, as he later told Wayne, his pen was out of ink. So Dahlia was forced to spare his life, or else incriminate herself by killing Dale, which is obviously what she was planning to do. She shot at him because his d*mn pen was out of ink, and since she couldn’t kill him, she was frustrated. Why else do you think Dale was so upset about an ink pen going empty? He had a gun to his head, telling him to basically write his own suicide note with it. That stupid pen saved his life...

    But Ken is who really came through. His genuine love for DiDi was a miracle. I was sure something terrible would happen. Was DiDi going to kill Ken if he tried something? Would Ken rat her family out himself if she rejected him? That scene on the bed was fantastic. You could feel DiDi’s emotions through the screen, and even when she didn’t respond to Ken, you could tell exactly what she was thinking. Ken may not be the smartest, but he’s definitely the biggest hearted Traveller outside of the Malloys. Calling Ken’s true love for Delilah a “pleasant surprise” is the understatement of the year. Too bad about the teeth though, really.... *shoots self*

    Anyway, long story short, Malloys escape, DiDi’s still single, Dale’s still alive, and Ken is official protector of the “Rich” family, at least until Dale may or may not kill him. Here’s hoping Ken makes it out alive. Who else will strangle Ginny in her sleep if Dale offs him? So the question is, when will Dahlia’s murderous tendencies resurface? Looks like she learned more than “Jesus Loves Me” in prison. I want to know where they’re going with her...

    All told, great episode, high tension, awesome payoffs, and still feeling the love. I watched this instead of Heroes! Yeah. And I’m going to do it next week, too.moreless
  • After learning of the death of Earl, Dahlia and her family head back, where Dale looks to settle is score with Wayne, and Ken wishes to marry Di Di

    This episode did not have a whole lot of action but it did have heart…The only big action happened was when Wayne stole the money; it was stupid, yet like someone else said “it makes for a good next episode.” Heart felt moment came from both Ken/Di Di scene and with Dahlia tried to correct the past mistakes.

    Ken realized that Di Di really didn’t want to marry him; yet he still vows to protect her after learning of what his sister intentions. Although I don’t care for Ken’s character, I was sad to see Dale beating him up like that while he was drunk; I just hope he didn’t kill him. Susan’s an idiot for lying to herself not wanting to truly know that it was actually her son who killed her husband Earl. After all that did happen, Dahlia still showed heart when she didn’t kill Dale herself and tried to explain to Susan what actually happened.moreless
  • Earl dies and the troupe must return to the camp for the funeral. At the same time, Jeannie plans to have Didi and Ken married or else she is going to give them up. Dale cops to Dalhia that he killed his father.moreless

    Another good installment for the series. Although, robbing Peter to pay Paul was not a good choice, but makes for a good next episode where they do what they do best, con rich people out of money. I've always knocked Ken, but he shows that he's got real heart, and understands Didi and the reasons she does not want to marry him. He vows to protect her and the family. He goes as far as to threaten his sister that he will disown her if she does anything to them. But at the end of the show, they leave it up in the air when Dale beats the pulp out of him, trying to get the location of the Riches. So who is in charge of the camp now? Susan wont hear it that her son killed Earl. But we know the truth. And what was the point of having Dale pack clothes and write a note? Kinda pointless, then she shoots three times and doesnt kill him, leaving him open to future episodes and future trouble. And Wayne didn't give up the other half of the money, at least not that we saw. Now that the characters are developed, they can start to reel us in and give us the show we desire. And can they unpack finally or what? I know I've unpacked and reserved a spot on my couch every Monday night at 10pm for The Riches.moreless
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