The Ricky Gervais Show - Season 2

Sunday 10:00 PM on HBO Premiered Feb 19, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Munchies
    Episode 13
    Topics for the second season finale include virtual reality, happiness and Karl's wish for the British TV show "Jim'll Fix It".
  • Art
    Episode 12
    "What is art?" - a difficult question by any standards which leads Karl to not only trying to answer it but also talk about his mirrored living room and its advantages and his thoughts on sculptures and other big pieces of art. Further topics include Ricky bringing up the subject of using animals for allegorical takes on movies which in turn allows us to find out Karl's opinion about movies as a whole. Also, how Karl expresses himself though whistling.moreless
  • Mrs. Battersby
    Episode 11
    The gang discusses Karl's mix of common sense and stupidity, his ability to get lost very easily, his supposed memory of meeting a ghost named Mrs. Battersby, how much he despises "weak" people living too long, an entry from his diary that touches on how much stress sound causes him, and how there are only a certain number of sounds that exist anymore.moreless
  • Leg Rubber
    Episode 10
    Topics include what Karl has been reminiscing about; Karl's thoughts on possible cure for blindness; Karl's earliest memory and what Karl found on the magazine table when he went to the doctor.
  • Natural History
    Episode 9
    Topics include Karl's thoughts about the amount of unknown species in existence today; the need for new inventions; animal rights; inspired by Ricky's effort Karl designs his version of a super-animal which leads to his theory about why people go bald and species disappear. Plus, possible improvements that could be made to men's anatomy instead of a sex change.moreless
  • Future
    Episode 8
    Topics include the future and future needs of humans, the possibility of computer chips being implanted in one's brains and Karl's strategy to play University Challenge, Karl's top 5 predictions for the future and what to do if in a given day the world ends.
  • Night Club
    Episode 7
    After being told that Warwick Davis is a fan of his, Karl ponder if he'd rather be really short or really tall. Stephen tells the guys about his night out to a London club. From Karl's Diary, his experience going through a surgery to remove his kidney stones and the poem that ensued and also a bit of Monkey News about a monkey that charged a toll to let people go through a bridge.moreless
  • Kidneys
    Episode 6
    Topics include Karl's recent experience with a kidney stone problem and his view on the illness and its treatment; reasons for similarities between living beings and other things; Karl believing everything he reads like the Noah's Ark story. From Karl's Diary, Karl's experience shopping for the house, Karl's trip with his girlfriend Susan to the Cotswolds. Plus, and on a not unrelated subject, a letter from a fan asking Karl's advice on how to keep his girlfriend happy.moreless
  • Insects
    Episode 5
    Karl shares his thoughts on why insects are so deserving of his attention; disappointment learning about a killer octopus; what he would change in crabs; more stuff about insects; Karl's Diary also mostly about insects.
  • Onion
    Episode 4
    Ricky throws some animal facts around for Karl to comment on, Karl has doubts about brain control over body and vice-versa, and from Karl's Diary, people taking pictures of mimes, the curious case of a 'invisible' Chinese man and the arguments against celebrating birthdays.
  • The Fly
    Episode 3
    Topics include Ricky reading a few little-known facts to Karl such as the revelation that sharks are immune to cancer, Karl recounting medical news and, from Karl's diary, his observations on The Congo, mishaps when ordering takeout and his visit to a gadget shop.
  • Doppelganger
    Episode 2
    Topics include Karl's answer to a fan email asking "If Karl could spend a day with his doppelganger, what would he do with him?", Ricky posing a logic riddle for Karl to solve and, from Karl's diary, why he doesn't understand art, why his aunt wants to cover her backyard with Astroturf and why he doesn't like Ricky's cat. Also, Stephen shares anecdotes from his trip to Rio de Janeiro.moreless
  • Clive Warren
    Episode 1
    Topics include Karl description of his recent pitch to a movie studio and, from Karl's diary, reasons why he wouldn't like to travel to Australia, the story of the last time he went camping and a recent visit to his girlfriend's parents.