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In an unusual twist on the standard Western, widower Lucas McCain struggles to successfully homestead his ranch in North Fork, New Mexico territory, while raising his son Mark with integrity & common sense. In the 1880s, the Marshall of North Fork has his hands full handling the weekly "bad guys," & it is frequently necessary for Lucas to pick up his modified rapid-action Winchester Rifle to protect himself, his son, and his neighbors. The show included many guest appearances from later big-name actors, who were just getting started at the time.


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    • The Best of Western series

      I grew up watching The Rifleman and have watched re-runs off & on for years - Currently watching even more re-runs. I always enjoy the love between father & son. The lessons learned which many kids today are not taught. Great shows to watch with your kids. Teaches good morals, good conduct, etc. while watching really good westerns.

      Yes it shows the good & the bad guys while also showing the selfish reason so many bad guys get killed And is a great lesson that kids today aren't getting.

      The is one series that I don't need to tell you what it is about. I watched reruns almost everyday and cannot tell you if there are in B&W or have been colorized. I believe they are still B&W - if so, they don't need to be colorized. They are just that good.moreless
    • great western series

      Rifleman would be the best western series of all time! i gave this show 2 thumbs up! the actors and the scriptwriters are definitely great! Purchased the rifleman boxset from . received a decent quality. i'm glad that i won't wait anymore for the reruns because i can watch this show anytime i want!

    • a great classic

      After some people thought that Chuck Conners as the "bad guy" in such films as "The Big Country",it was quickly misjudged by his character when he played Lucas McCain in "The Rifleman". The show was centered around him and his son Mark in the town of Northfolk. But the coolest thing on that show was that Winchester rifle he had,and he could fire at any range from it!!! He never used a six shooter. The way he took on the baddies with that rifle was the absolute trademark of that show which was one of the coolest and most exciting TV westerns ever to come out of the 1950's,and to this day it still holds up to other TV westerns that would endure years later. A great classic from that golden age of grand TV.moreless
    • Trick Rifle

      The Rifleman told the story of Lucas McCain, a rancher living on the outskirts of North Fork, NM. His wife had died and Lucas was raising his 12 year old son all alone. And if scraping out a living on the ranch and bringing up his son weren't enough to keep his plate full, every week Lucas had to beat up or shoot another bad guy who had wandered into the territory. To aide him in these activities, Lucas always carried a tricked-out Winchester rifle.

      Why was Lucas so involved in doing battle with these villians? Because the local marshal, Micah Torrance, was beyond useless. This guy was just never around. He probably spent most of his time in the back room of the local saloon,making time with some floozy. As soon as Lucas would beat up and/or shoot another menace to society, Micah would come running up, wondering what all the fuss was about. I guess it never occured to the good people of North Fork to just give Micah his walking papers and make Lucas the marshal. Oh well.moreless
    • One of my favorite B/W Shows

      ' The Rifleman ' has been a favorite of mine for many years and one that I will usually find the the time to watch if I see it on. I was fortunate enough to work with Chuck Conners on a different series and it was a real pleasure to work with this man and speak with him about 'The Rifleman' and how much he enjoyed working in the series.

      The thing I remember most about the series was the number of famous guest stars this show featured even though most of them were villians and going to killed by Lucas and his trusty riflemoreless

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