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Mike DiMuzio, Modern Day Rifleman

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    I felt compelled to write you and share some testimonial feedback. I have just acquired, from you, the legendary Rifleman's Rifle. It is an acquisition I will treasure for the rest of my life. Hopefully, it is something my son's son will appreciate.

    I don't think it was by chance that I discovered your "true - to - life " video web site some months ago. I inquired what it would take to buy such a rifle. My desire stemmed from my childhood intrigue of the mysterious hooped rifle that Chuck Connors whirled with never- before- seen- authority and rapid fire showmanship. Because my daughter and I watch the series nightly, my curiosity as an adult led me to research the rifle. That is how I discovered your videoed site. Unbeknownst to me, I led myself to the only living expert of The Rifleman's shows as well as the next- in- line expert on the gun smithing of the original crafted rifle. For those of you who don't know Mike DiMuzio, get to know him, by reviewing an excellent reenactment of the opening scene of the original "The Rifleman", starring Mike !!! From there Mike can take you on an amazing journey expounding on his knowledge of every episode ever done. DiMuzio can then explain every detail of remaking the rifle based upon his apprenticeship under Moe Hunt. Moe custom made Connors' rifles for the television show. Before Moe passed away he taught Mike DiMuzio the secrets of smithing the rifle exactly as it was originally made. This is not a stage prop as the rifle truly works !! Mike carefully engaged me in conversations to learn about my respect for & knowledge of firearms before he would allow himself the sale.

    Now that I have the privilege of owning a rare piece of history, I realize how powerful it felt in Lucas McCain's hands. It demands respect. It is also fun learning how to spin and trick shoot. This is no ordinary rifle. And Mike is no ordinary cowboy. I must include in my testimony, a new friendship has developed with a good man over this purchase. He knows his craft. He is meticulous and professional. Mike and I joke because we realize our wives put up with guys like us who keep The Rifleman legend growing.

    Mike, I want to thank you for quietly making history and for allowing me to share in the chance of being woven into this western cultural lore of The Rifleman. Mike DiMuzio, you truly stand on the real business side of cowboying. I know Chuck and Moe would be proud of you.

    John T.
    New Jersey

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