The Rifleman

Season 2 Episode 35


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 24, 1960 on ABC



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    • Nora: I never should've come here. It's embarrassing for you and … humiliating for me.
      Lucas: Now, don't talk that way. After all, we're old friends and … I certainly wanna do anything I can to help.
      Nora: I met Sam Deckovan and he told me that your wife had died and that you were living on a ranch here. Coming here was a-a wild impulse. It's a silly thing to do, but …it means so much just to be … near somebody that might care what happens to me.

    • Morgan: You were perfect, Nora. For a moment there, I would've sworn you were at death's door.
      Nora: What are you doing in here? Do you want to spoil everything?
      Morgan: Don't worry, nobody saw me. My room's just down the hall.
      Nora: You oughta know better than to underestimate Judd Nichols by this time.
      Morgan: He's over at the saloon. I had to talk to you.
      Nora: If he even suspects we know each other, everything I have planned will go down the drain.

    • Nichols: Dinner, champagne … whatever else this town has to offer - just name it.
      Nora: I appreciate your persistence, Mr. Nichols, but I have an engagement this evening.
      Nichols: I never give up when there's the slightest chance of winning.
      Nora: You know, I really should be furious at you for pressing your attentions on me.
      Nichols: But you aren't.
      Nora: No. But I'm going to pretend that I am. (slaps him as Lucas rides up)

    • Nora: Long years have passed, I wonder if it's ever possible to recapture those years - even for a day, a moment?
      Lucas: Oh, the past is over and done with. It's the future that counts.
      Nora: Oh, Lucas, I … I'm so afraid of the future. You see, I … I have nobody in the world. I-I'm so lonely.

    • Morgan (to the bartender): Whiskey.
      Nichols (tosses a coin on the counter): Allow me. You'll need all of those you can get to come up with that five thousand by tomorrow night.
      Morgan: I haven't seen any real money in this town yet.
      Nichols: You picked it, I didn't. You told me this is where all the big cattle men come to town. There's only one bright spot in this whole trip - this Sanford woman.
      Morgan: What about her?
      Nichols: If it wasn't for a promise of some interesting moments with her, I'd be tempted to finish you off now and leave.

    • Micah (about Mark): I haven't seen him today. Surprisin', too, he's been spendin' a lot more time than usual in town these past few days.
      Lucas: Well, I sure admire the way you notice things, Micah.
      Micah: Part of my job, Lucas Boy. But I wouldn't say Mark was up to any mischief - unless its tryin' to play cupid between you and … a certain female.
      Lucas: Now, don't get any ideas, Marshal. She's just an old friend.

    • Morgan: Don't you have any rich cattlemen around here, Marshal?
      Micah: Oh, sure, quite a few. They all play penny ante in the bunkhouse. That's how they stay rich. (to Lucas) Win, lose or draw, that young fella's been gamblin' steady - day and night, ever since he hit town. It's like a disease.

    • (after Nora kills Nichols with McCain's rifle)
      Lucas: You lied to me. Why, Nora?
      Nora: Let me go!
      Lucas: Why!?
      Nora: He was gonna kill Chad Morgan over a gambling debt.
      Lucas: Morgan? That boy who's been gambling over at the saloon?
      Nora: That "boy" is going to marry me.
      Lucas: How are you gonna explain Nichols?
      Nora: Me? Why you killed him, Lucas, to protect my honor. It was a fair fight, he drew first. Or, if that's not the way you see it, I might be forced to tell him the truth.
      Lucas: The truth?
      Nora: Yes. You shot him in cold blood! You were jealous. I'm sure a lotta people in this town know that we were old friends. That we were, shall we say, thinking seriously of marriage.

    • Mark: I still can't believe it, about Mrs. Sanford. Guess I'm not a very good judge of character.
      Lucas: It's pretty hard to judge a person's character, knowin' her such a short time. Remember, I've known Nora for many years, sometimes it can be a cruel thing when somebody you know changes - cruel and sad.

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