The Rifleman

Season 1 Episode 1

The Sharpshooter

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 1958 on ABC

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  • A fine start to a wonderful series!

    I was delighted to happen upon this episode by chance. The show started with Lucas and his son looking over a ranch for sale. This would be a new place for the two to have a fresh start. They ride into North Fork to buy the ranch. When they arrive, Lucas and Mark find a shooting contest that pays $500 that would help them pay for the ranch. What they didn't know was that the local bully, Lewis, was entered and had hired a sharpshooter, Vernon Tippert, to enter as well. Lewis threatens to kill Mark if Lucas beats Tippert. The episode was well written by Sam Peckinpah. Johnny Crawford, as Mark McCain, was adorable and a fine little actor. He did not overact as some child actors are want to do. There are excellent actors like Leif Erikson and a young Dennis Hopper. Finally, there is Chuck Connors, as Lucas McCain. Connors was a good actor. If one has never seen "The Rifleman," then I highly recommend not only this episode, but also the series.