The Rifleman

Season 1 Episode 9

The Sister

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1958 on ABC
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The Sister
Rebecca Snipe is returning to North Fork after a long visit away. Before her stage left, she over hears a man saying he's going to North Fork to kill a big man with a big mouth. Upon Rebecca's arrival in North Fork, Mark is smitten with her and gets it in his head to play matchmaker between her and his pa. Thinking Lucas has intentions on their sister, the Snipe brothers come looking for Lucas to see if he measures up to their standard of being good enough for her.moreless

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    Mort Mills

    Mort Mills

    Joshua Snipe

    Guest Star

    Dan Blocker

    Dan Blocker

    Peter Snipe

    Guest Star

    Lance Fuller

    Lance Fuller

    Earl Battle

    Guest Star

    Hope Summers

    Hope Summers

    Hattie Denton

    Recurring Role

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      • Mark: Well, it ain't easy to ask. I been meanin' to ask you for a long time.
        Lucas: Sounds important. Why don't you ask and get it over with?
        Mark: Well, do you … have you ever thought of marrying another woman?
        Lucas: Marrying a …!? What made you think of that?
        (Mark looks down at a drawing in a book of a boy with his mother)
        Mark: Well, like I said, I've been thinkin' of it quite a spell.

      • Mark: Miss Rebecca, I'd like ya to meet up with my pa.
        Lucas: Howdy, ma'am, I-I'm Lucas McCain.
        Becky: I'm Rebecca Snipe.
        Lucas: Seems to be a … a nice day for traveling.
        Becky: Yes, yes. It-it's a very nice day.
        Lucas: Well, are you leaving or just getting here?
        Mark: She lives here, Pa. Says she'd like to get married and have a boy somethin' like me.
        Lucas: Mark!

      • Joshua Snipe: You know, mister, I'm beginnin' to believe you are just downright dishonest.
        Lucas: Believe me, today just isn't my day. Right now, all I'd like to do is ride on back home.
        Peter Snipe: He tryin' to snub us, Josh?
        Lucas: No, I'm …
        Joshua Snipe: Maybe it ain't a weddin' you was interested in. Maybe you been lollygaggin' around Becky for some other reason.
        Peter Snipe: We sure wouldn't like that.
        Lucas: Ma'am, I apologize to have your name spoke that way.
        Joshua Snipe: Then maybe you'd like to do somethin' about it.
        Peter Snipe: Step around back, maybe?
        Lucas: Alright, I sick enough of you boys to count it a pleasure.

      • Joshua Snipe: Becky's been engaged ever since she's been back home.
        Lucas: She has, huh?
        Joshua Snipe: To a boy back in Kansas. She aimed to keep it a secret a spell, but we spotted that ring tied around her neck and she had to tell us. Looks like you missed out.
        Lucas: (laughing) It sure does.
        Joshua Snipe:
        Becky: Josh?
        Joshua Snipe: Yeah?
        Becky: Don't forget to tell him about Rhoda.
        Lucas: Uh, who's Rhoda?
        Peter Snipe: Oh, you're gonna like Rhoda.
        Joshua Snipe: That's Becky's older sister.
        Lucas: Man, she cooks flapjacks like you've never seen
        (both brothers begin tellin' a pained Lucas about how great Rhoda is)

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