The Rifleman

Season 1 Episode 27

The Wrong Man

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 1959 on ABC

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  • A well known lawman is after a man who's wanted -- with a reward of $1,000.

    Pete Dawson is a wanted man -- with a bounty on his head. A well-known lawman arrives in town searching for him. Lucas ends up helping him when he gets into trouble at a carnival, and Mark is awestruck with the man and his notoriety.

    The lawman continues to search the town, and ends up getting help from Mark. He heads out to the ranch where Dawson might be – and they end up talking like old friends. The lawman realizes how well off Dawson is, he suggests $2,000 could make him go away.

    The lawman heads back into town, and confronts another man who fits the same general description, kills him and claims he is Dawson.

    Lucas senses something is wrong, and goes out to the ranch where Dawson might be.

    A good episode, though Lucas (again) does not fire his rifle.