The Rifleman

Season 1 Episode 13

Young Englishman

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 23, 1958 on ABC
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Young Englishman
Lucas gets in trouble when he accuses the foreman of a neighboring ranch of rustling some of his cattle.

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      • Lucas: I guess you know I've got some stock grazin' in Pine Valley. I've got reason to believe one of my calves was carried outta there last coupla days.
        Ashford: Carried?
        Lucas: Rustled.

      • Ashford: A herd of fifteen hundred cattle built up by stealing a calf here and there, and now yours? (scoffs) Come now, Mr. McCain.
        Lucas: Well, I don't know why anyone would take just one calf, but a hundred head or one, especially when it's mine, is rustlin'.
        Ashford: Preposterous!

      • (Lucas confronts Waggoner and his cronies, unarmed)
        Waggoner: You ain't dressed to fit your talk, McCain.
        Lucas: Well, I'll be in Cottonwood Ravine tomorrow morning - dressed!
        Waggoner: McCain! If I catch you with any a my brand, I'll gun you down the same as I would any other rustler.
        Lucas: Rustler? Folks around here figure that name fits you better than me.
        (Waggoner whips Lucas, cutting his face)

      • Lucas: You have to go, Pa? Well, after all, it was only … one little calf.
        Mark: Well, that isn't the point, Mark. It doesn't matter whether it's one calf or a dozen, there's a principal involved.

      • Parker: Better move a little closer. His rifle's got the range on us from this distance.
        Waggoner: No, I'm gonna let him take the calf. Then, when Ashford shows up, he'll be satisfied McCain forced our hand.
        Parker: Well, when are you gonna stop worryin' about satisfyin' Ashford?
        Waggoner: His time's coming due.

      • Lucas: Mark, I guess you saw part a what happened here.
        Mark: I sure did.
        Lucas: Well, I hope I can make you understand. Look, son, as long as you remember those men lyin' there, I want you to remember that I didn't want this to happen. You know what I've told you about a rifle? It's a weapon only as a last resort. This was a last resort, Mark. I wish it hadn't come to that.
        Mark: I understand, Pa.

      • Lucas: Ashford, did you ever hear of the Homestead Act? 640 acres, yours for usin' it and workin' it. It could be the beginnin' of a ranch you could call your own.
        Ashford: I'm not an American citizen.
        Lucas: It's a great land, everybody's welcome.

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