The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

ITV (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Missing QCs
      Episode 13
      Detective Charles Dallas finds himself mixed up in a sensational trial when two leading London barristers, the prosecution and the defence counsel in the case, disappear suddenly and without trace.
    • 4/16/73
      A gypsy woman called Hagar has a very clear idea about the murderer of Mrs Arryford. However, Hagar's view of the case is not shared by Detective Sergeant Grubber, the policeman on the job.
    • 4/9/73
      While the steam-ship Oceanic tries to beat the world speed record for an Atlantic crossing, thieves steal gold ingots from the ship's strong-room. And then the life of Horrocks, the ship's purser, is threatened. As luck would have it, Inspector Trent is on hand to investigate.
    • 4/2/73
      William Drew meets his most dangerous case to date when the head of German intelligence pays a visit to England.
    • 3/26/73
      Dr John Thorndyke finds himself dealing with an anarchist plot to assassinate a Russian Grand Duke.
    • 3/19/73
      Dagobert Trostler is called in by Countess Nadja when she finds herself on the receiving end of a string of anonymous letters.
    • 3/11/73
      Professor Van Dusen is called in by Sir Hector Drummond, a well-known surgeon, when a young woman asks to have one of her fingers surgically removed.
    • Lieutenant Holst of the Copenhagen police is working on a big international case. Then a man commits suicide, and Holst finds himself in hot water.
    • 2/26/73
      Eugene Valmont investigates two cases at the same time, a baffling swindle and some counterfeit coins. Along the way, he meets an adventuress.
    • 2/19/73
      Detective Laxworthy hires two men who have just been released from prison. With their help he plans to carry out a major swindle in the south of France. Or does he?
    • Cell 13
      Episode 3
      Professor Van Dusen wagers his friends he can escape from prison. Starting from Cell 13, the challenge he faces is to cross seven barriers of steel bars, then a seventeen-foot wall and finally some open ground swept by searchlights...
    • 2/5/73
      Inspector Lipinzki investigates when a huge diamond is stolen from a safe. He finds his enquiries take him into the heart of South African society.
    • Polly Burton, a young woman who wants to be a journalist, investigates when a girl is murdered on a London Underground train.
  • Season 1